Sex Guide


Tips to make anal sex even more interesting

There is nothing wrong in living out your sexual fantasies but only if you know how to do them right. ...

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The good, bad and ugly of sex that you should know

Sex is an important part of our lives. Its absence can make life and personal relationships dull and insipid. Sex ...

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Get rid of taboos to make sex more fun

Inhibitions and taboos can choke the voice of your inner desires. Traditional sex can get tedious after a point of ...

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Tips to increase your sexual stamina

Like food, water and air to breathe, we also need sex for staying happy and healthy. For a healthy sex ...

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Sex Poses

Splitting Bamboo

All You Need to Know About Splitting Bamboo Kama Sutra Position

Kama sutra is a sex manual which has been written by the Hindus in Sanskrit around the period 400 BC. ...

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All about the Candle sex position

This is man on top position with the woman lying on her back like in the missionary position but with ...

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The Proposal sex position needs little practice, good aim!

The Proposal Position is the position of equals, meaning thereby that both the male and female partner are exactly in ...

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Reclining Lotus

The Reclining Lotus Kamasutra sex position

The reclining lotus is also one of the positions in the series of universal missionary positions like bandoleer, indrani and ...

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The Perch Kamasutra sex position

Introduction   The Perch is yet another sitting on the chair sex position in which the male partner sits on ...

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The Hinge Kamasutra sex position

Introduction In Hinge sex position, as the name suggests, the male and female counterparts are interlocked like a hinge during ...

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The Grip Kamasutra sex position

Introduction The grip sex position is a mixture of missionary and the g-force position. In this position, female partner lies ...

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The G-Force Kamasutra sex position

Introduction The g-force, as indicated by the very name, is a gravity defying sex position and is also known as ...

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Sex Life


Understanding the true nature of sex after you get hitched

There have been several movies portraying a married couple drifting apart after many years of marriage due to their busy ...

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Have regular sex to help you age gracefully

The results of a study conducted by the University of California, San Diego shows that sexually active women who are ...

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Couple kissing and drinking on the bed in bedroom

Playful sex moves and tricks to make your bedroom life special

The same missionary style every night can kill your sex life. Routine work is not liked by anybody and the ...

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Where to touch your man to give him the ultimate pleasure

Touch is the most powerful tool used for pleasuring. Even a simple brush of the hand can do wonders at ...

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Kamasutra Guide


Kamasutra tips to help men reach new heights of sexual satisfaction

The penis is probably the most sensitive organ in a man’s body. From early teenage men become aware of its ...

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What you need to know about AIDS and HIV

The severe most disease caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus is AIDS. The virus is a life threatening one, leaving ...

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What to do when getting and keeping an erection isn’t happening

How can you be a stallion in the bed? Do you have it in you? These are the questions that ...

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Various medications and their impacts on sexuality

Medicines consumed by an individual have severe side effects at times. Most of the time, one is not aware of ...

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Sex & Celebrity


Love her feet: 10 Celebs who have foot fetish

Celebs are known to have a large number of strange fetishes ranging from shoes and accessories to pets and so ...

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10 Celebrity rumors the World believed

1. Justin Bieber killed himself I hope you all remember the nuisance that was caused when the news that the ...

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sunny_leone 1024x768

Famous Hot Stars of Indian Origin

With Sunny Leone’s pompous entrance into Bollywood, one thing which has stuck people’s mind is the fact that, ‘Porn Stars’ can also become a part of Bollywood now. Sunny Leone’s delightful persona and glamorous appeal, wooed away people’s atte

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Sunny Leone, Priya Anjali Rai, Anjali Kara and Nadia Nyce make it big in Bollywood

Bollywood is now becoming porn wood. Various New porn stars are entering bollywood.The story starts with Sunny Leone. . The ...

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Sex News


Sherlyn Chopra and ‘Kama Sutra 3D’ director rift ends

Sherlyn Chopra, a lot many things come to your mind when you notice this very name. Isn’t it? And the ...

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How OAB Can Affect Your Sex Life

Dealing with an overactive bladder (OAB) is not only very difficult but besides your daily life, it can also affect ...

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Causes of sexual problems in women

There are various causes for sexual problems among women. Some of the sexual problems are simple, revocable physical dilemmas. Others ...

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Tips to have quality sex every time

With their aim to attest their sexual prowess, people often brag about having extensive sex sessions numerous times in their ...

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