Sex Guide

Craziest Sex and Love Advice

Craziest Sex and Love Advice

Sex can be as crazy as possible and as boring as one could imagines. To make your sex life boring ...

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right time for having sex

When is the right time for sex

This is a common question, which all individuals ponder upon time and again. When it comes to sex, both genders ...

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Sex plays an important role in the life of a married couple

 26 Sex tips to spice up your married life

Sex plays an important role in the life of a married couple. It might happen at times that a married ...

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woman should have certain type of sex experiences before having it

12 kinds of Sex a women should do before settling down

To settle down in her life is what every woman craves. However, it’s always better to have at least 12 ...

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Sex Poses

Romantic couple in bed_1

Sex positions for every mood

One experiences different moods at different points of time. This means that any sexual position you enjoyed last time, won’t ...

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Squat balance position to get extra satisfaction

What you need to know about Squat balance position

Kama sutra, the sex manual has been written by the Hindus in the medieval period keeping in mind the physical ...

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sex positions couses pain

Kama Sutra tips and positions that might lead you to the hospital

Vatsyayana in the Kama sutra provided guide for the interaction of the penis and the vagina. It was read very ...

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Sex Positions

Kama Sutra positions that guarantee an orgasm

Do you want to make her feel loved so that she remembers it all through her life? If so, you ...

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Butterfly Kama Sutra Position

All You Need To Know About Butterfly Kama Sutra Position

Over the last couple of years, the various positions of Kama sutra sex have turned out to be increasingly popular ...

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Erotic V Kama Sutra position_1

All you need to know about Erotic V Kama Sutra position

The Kama sutra is a book written in Sanskrit by Indians in 40 BC. It is a highly detailed book ...

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Glowing Triangle Kama Sutra position

All you need to know about Glowing Triangle Kama Sutra position

During the Gupta Era, Vātsyāyana was a ground-breaking Hindu philosopher in India. In his late middle age, celibate cleric Mallanaga Vātsyāyana was fascinated by ...

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X-Rated Kama Sutra Position_2

All You Need to Know About the X-Rated Kama Sutra Position

Are you sad? Depressed? Unable to perform your marital duties? Does your husband call you frigid? Do you seem unable ...

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Sex Life

goals that Kamasutra helps you achieve

Three goals that Kamasutra helps you achieve

The Hindu religious books are discusses the four main goals of an individual’s life that is Dharma, Arth, Kama and ...

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Sex positions to enhance your sexual satisfaction

Best Sex positions to enhance your sexual satisfaction

Sex life could become boring if you keep trying the common positions day after day. Therefore, you can always try ...

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Why sex is that important for married women?

Married women are more sensitive to sex. As a part of their regular life, sex is an important part of ...

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Second Look at the Kama Sutra Manual

Reasons Why You Should Take a Second Look at the Kama Sutra Manual

Have you suddenly started getting bored of sex? Do you feel that sex is becoming monotonous and disgusting day by ...

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Kamasutra Guide

Importance of Kamasutra

Importance of Kamasutra

It is widely believed that Kamasutra has been in existence for thousands of years and is inevitably a part of ...

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Kama Sutra is not only about sex_1

Why the Kama Sutra is not only about sex

“Kama sutra” is the ancient Indian book written to teach readers the act of love making and sexual gratification. It’s ...

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Kama Sutra is the best option to enlighten your desire with the perfect mood

All you need to know about the ‘Kama Sutra Massage’

Sex is something that drains out all of your stress, makes you and your mate feel contented and get lost ...

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Exercises for Better Sex life

Sexercise:  Best Kamasutra exercises to enhance your sexual prowess

Sex plays a pivotal role in one’s life and it’s an indispensable part to lead a happy life. For the ...

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Sex & Celebrity


Love her feet: 10 Celebs who have foot fetish

Celebs are known to have a large number of strange fetishes ranging from shoes and accessories to pets and so ...

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10 Celebrity rumors the World believed

1. Justin Bieber killed himself I hope you all remember the nuisance that was caused when the news that the ...

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sunny_leone 1024x768

Famous Hot Stars of Indian Origin

With Sunny Leone’s pompous entrance into Bollywood, one thing which has stuck people’s mind is the fact that, ‘Porn Stars’ can also become a part of Bollywood now. Sunny Leone’s delightful persona and glamorous appeal, wooed away people’s atte

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Sunny Leone, Priya Anjali Rai, Anjali Kara and Nadia Nyce make it big in Bollywood

Bollywood is now becoming porn wood. Various New porn stars are entering bollywood.The story starts with Sunny Leone. . The ...

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Sex News

old men's sexual habit

Children’s agency funds study of old men’s sex lives

A children’s agency which is run by the federal government is funding a research on old men’s sexual habits. It ...

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Sherlyn Chopra and ‘Kama Sutra 3D’ director rift ends

Sherlyn Chopra, a lot many things come to your mind when you notice this very name. Isn’t it? And the ...

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How OAB Can Affect Your Sex Life

Dealing with an overactive bladder (OAB) is not only very difficult but besides your daily life, it can also affect ...

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Causes of sexual problems in women

There are various causes for sexual problems among women. Some of the sexual problems are simple, revocable physical dilemmas. Others ...

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