Sex Guide

blindfold sex (1)

Enjoy sex in a blindfold and find the thrill of surprise

Among the five senses, the one that is mainly responsible for attraction between two people is eyesight. Remember the first ...

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intimate couples_2 (2)

Ideas and techniques to help you last longer in bed

One of the worst worries that bother men all the time is premature ejaculation. Millions of men suffer from this ...

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Morning Sex Positions

Sex Positions for Hot Mornings

Studies suggest that many men feel too tired to have sex at night owing to the daily office work and ...

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Sex positions for hot weather_1

Sex positions for hot weather

Everyone craves for a steaming hot sex session, but in the summer season, it’s otherwise for many couples.  Although it ...

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Sex Poses

water sex positions (3)

Most exciting water sex positions invented till date

The enjoyment of sex can be increased manifolds if you leave your inhibitions behind and try new sex positions. Boredom ...

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outdoor intercourse  (1)

Best positions for having intercourse outdoors

Variety is the key to an interesting and invigorating sex life. For maintaining the variety and never letting your partner ...

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Face to face pose  (4)

Face to face pose suggested by KamaSutra to make sex more enjoyable

Sexual pleasure is derived from a combination of pleasures felt and enjoyed through the different senses. Touch, smell, and taste ...

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Splitting Bamboo

All You Need to Know About Splitting Bamboo Kama Sutra Position

Kama sutra is a sex manual which has been written by the Hindus in Sanskrit around the period 400 BC. ...

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The Proposal sex position needs little practice, good aim!

The Proposal Position is the position of equals, meaning thereby that both the male and female partner are exactly in ...

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Reclining Lotus

The Reclining Lotus Kamasutra sex position

The reclining lotus is also one of the positions in the series of universal missionary positions like bandoleer, indrani and ...

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The Perch Kamasutra sex position

Introduction   The Perch is yet another sitting on the chair sex position in which the male partner sits on ...

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The Hinge Kamasutra sex position

Introduction In Hinge sex position, as the name suggests, the male and female counterparts are interlocked like a hinge during ...

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Sex Life

partner’s needs in bed

It is important to understand your partner’s needs in bed

Both men and women enjoy sex and there is no doubt about it but they don’t view sex in the ...

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Advice from the Kamasutra for mismatched couples

Most of us have at least once wondered looking at a couple how their match was made. Some couples just ...

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appealing lady in lingerie (2)

Color and type of lingerie has a huge effect on your sex life

The first few months of an affair is memorable not just because of the new feeling of love and brewing ...

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goals that Kamasutra helps you achieve

Three goals that Kamasutra helps you achieve

The Hindu religious books are discusses the four main goals of an individual’s life that is Dharma, Arth, Kama and ...

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Kamasutra Guide

Face to face pose  (4)

Face to face pose suggested by KamaSutra to make sex more enjoyable

Sexual pleasure is derived from a combination of pleasures felt and enjoyed through the different senses. Touch, smell, and taste ...

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having sex

The types of women Kama Sutra suggests men not have sex with

Kama Sutra is one of the ancient books that have ever been written about sexual intercourse and man-woman relationships. It ...

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spark of sex (2)

Best oral sex methods according to the Kamasutra

Kamasutra is definitely the treasure trove of ideas when it comes to sex. Sexual intercourse can become boring if a ...

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making love

Kamasutra offers viable advice, not just sex positions

Kamasutra is a collection of seven books written many centuries ago by an Indian sage Vatsayana Mallanaga, and is famous ...

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Sex & Celebrity

sex addiction

Celebrities who found some fame for sex addiction

Sex is an undeniable and essential aspect of human life but when the desire of having sex perturbs the normal ...

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sexy legs and feet

Love her feet: 10 Celebs who have foot fetish

Celebs are known to have a large number of strange fetishes ranging from shoes and accessories to pets and so ...

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10 Celebrity rumors the World believed

1. Justin Bieber killed himself I hope you all remember the nuisance that was caused when the news that the ...

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sunny_leone 1024x768

Famous Hot Stars of Indian Origin

With Sunny Leone’s pompous entrance into Bollywood, one thing which has stuck people’s mind is the fact that, ‘Porn Stars’ can also become a part of Bollywood now. Sunny Leone’s delightful persona and glamorous appeal, wooed away people’s atte

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Sex News

old men's sexual habit

Children’s agency funds study of old men’s sex lives

A children’s agency which is run by the federal government is funding a research on old men’s sexual habits. It ...

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Sherlyn Chopra and ‘Kama Sutra 3D’ director rift ends

Sherlyn Chopra, a lot many things come to your mind when you notice this very name. Isn’t it? And the ...

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How OAB Can Affect Your Sex Life

Dealing with an overactive bladder (OAB) is not only very difficult but besides your daily life, it can also affect ...

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Causes of sexual problems in women

There are various causes for sexual problems among women. Some of the sexual problems are simple, revocable physical dilemmas. Others ...

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