26 Sex tips to spice up your married life

Sex plays an important role in the life of a married couple. It might happen at times that a married couple isn’t enjoying it the way they should otherwise have been. If you are one of these and aren’t finding that allure in your bed too often, don’t worry. All you need to do is to know some sex tips to spice up your life in the bedroom and don’t worry these are quite simple tips you can try in your bedroom to make every moment worth living and every experience memorable.

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There are 26 alphabets in English language, so we are to start with alphabet ‘A’ and will go all the way to ‘Z’ to describe the various tips for a happy married life. So dig beneath each tip to spice up you sexual life.

A – You need to accessorize yourself to attract your partner. Wear nothing, but accessorize yourself with jewelry like earrings, bangles etc.

B – To set up your mood and to bring in that more vigorous feel, you need to add little alcohol to your mood. So you can always start with a beer mug.

C – You shouldn’t necessarily be a celebrity to show your romance the way a Hollywood girl does. So when you dine with him next time, try to be as close as possible to your partner and let your tongue talk.

D – Stands for dominating attitude. Just take the reign in the bedroom and order your partner to strip and then ask him/her to start kissing you from toes, then your calves, then your knees and then going upwards.

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E – E here is for exercise. It’s very important to remain fit and healthy to enjoy sex more every time. So a daily dose of exercise is recommended to better fit in and enjoy your married life.

F – Fingers can bring a lot of sensations to one’s body. So don’t use your fingers for merely cuddling his/her hair or for other works. Rather, let them move freely but slowly on your partner’s body to add more sensation.

G – You missed to wear the garter belt since your wedding, so its time to wear it now to make your partner’s finger slip into your skirt on the next date to feel its presence and to commence a sexy mystery.

H – Heighten your sex. It’s a time to move from a commonly used missionary position to sizzling passion. You can use a pillow under your butt so that you are rubbed in intense way. On the other hand, when he is into you, squeeze your legs and move your legs around the sides of his thighs in next step to try help him push more with your soles.

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I – Ice cream can do it all for you. Next time both of you have an ice cream, don’t forget to lick the dripping ice-cream off his chin and lips.

J – Catch your partner from the back, do the little sneaking whenever your partner is doing something, like taking bath etc. Also, don’t forget to moan to make him realize that he is too hot for you to wait in the bed.

K – Kissing is one of the foremost thing that can always add bit more to the libido to your partner. Kissing in Hollywood style would do it in better way to enhance the pleasure.

L – Aren’t using a black undy for a long time. It’s time to use it now as it can add a bit more spice as well as pleasure to make your man dizzy with desire.

M – Messages without words can do a trick. Agree to spend an evening with your partner and don’t use words but your body language to convey your amorous intentions across to discover a new level of touch.

N – Persuade your partner to watch a documentary together and then surprise him by switching off the lights and turning on a racy film to take your experience to next level on a new evening.

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O – Don’t always close your eyes when you are in bedroom, have an eye to eye contact and keep talking with your eyes while the deed is going on.

P – To give intense pleasure to your guy, do some kneading of the nerve ending intense area behind his scrotum.

Q – Before he leaves for his work or both of you to a dinner party, try to divert his attention by some amorous moves so that he keeps thinking what is waiting for him.

R – Remember and make him remember the moments you spent together from the most lovable to sultriest.

S – Give your favorite sex move a raunchy name to make your sex life hornier. You can start with the definite article ‘The’, then add an adjective like ‘frisky’ and finally add the name of an animal. The name that might come out can be like this: The frisky gazelle.

T – Tickle him by letting your hair locks go down alongside his body which is always a great stimulus to boost his biggest sex organ skin that is.


U – U is for Unconditional Love. Put no conditions; let your partner realize that he is the best one and you couldn’t imagine waking up next morning to start a fresh day with a sexier, more exciting man than him.

V – Why keep only one day for wooing your partner. Celebrate every day as a valentine day to add more and more spice and make every moment memorable.

W – Why only stipulate it to on time a day – do it again, again and again, repeat it as many times you want to get into a perfect rhythm.

X – X rated or dirty words placed on the mattress will bring your partner more onto you.

Y – It’s time for some yoga breathing; slowly exhaling your breath gives immense pleasure.

Z – Share your last night frenzied feeling with your partner to make him feel.

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