5 tips to help men improve their fertility

Lifestyle affects men's fertility

Due to lifestyle changes, sperm count in men starts decreasing which leads to infertility in males. The number of sperms a man generates is directly proportional to his health, fitness and most of all his habits. Habits like too much smoking and drinking can cause diminution in sperm count. The sperm count plays an important role in fertilization. For a healthy baby, it is necessary for a sperm to survive in woman’s uterus and fertilize the egg successfully. Follow the tips given below to get your vital body organs work in a proper manner and generate healthy sperms in abundance. Read on.

1. Multivitamin a day

According to a research, it has been proved that when a man takes a multivitamin tablet daily, he tends to stay healthy and has a good reproductive system. The two vitamins, E and C, are required for producing healthy sperms in men and if taken daily they can help in increasing the sperm count. These vitamins also help in improving the functionality of sperms, making them perform their work with great effect. There are many multivitamin tablets available over the counters in a chemist shop but make sure you consult a doctor or a nutritionist to know which multivitamin tablet is good for you. Some multivitamin tablets have more and some have less quantities of various vitamins. Choose those tablets which have more of vitamin C and E to keep your sperm count normal.

2. Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are known to have antioxidants in them, which reduce the effects of free radicals in your body. Free radicals will damage your body from the inside by affecting the cell generation. In a similar way, they will affect the way a man generates sperms. The antioxidants from fruits and vegetables will stop the harmful effects caused by free radicals. It is advisable to eat the raw fruits and vegetables. Salads with light dressings and healthy oils can increase the health of a man and will affect the sperm count. Fruits and vegetables should be washed well before use. The chemical fertilizers sprayed on fruits and vegetables can affect the quality of sperms.

3. Stress management

Stress is the main cause for reduction in sperms. It affects the body by interfering with hormones which help in producing sperms. Sexual acts too can be affected because of stress. Stress hampers mental health and hence impedes the functioning of all other organs of the body. Many hormones released by the body will not be produced in a proper quality and quantity as required to enhance the production of sperms. Make sure you don’t bring home your work stress. This can be a good method of busting the stress. Leave the office-related stress in the office itself. Try to strike a balance between your personal and professional life.

4. Physical activity is good

Study shows that physical exercises are required to keep the reproductive system working in full capacity for men. The sperm count can be increased when a man does regular exercises and stays fit. By exercising daily a person will stay fit and also increase his immunity which will automatically increase the sperm counts. It is advisable that too much exercise should not be done as too much physical activity can hamper the production of sperms and its quality too. Hence, it’s recommended that exercise within a limit and follow a good workout routine.

5. Weight management

Being overweight or underweight will affect the production of sperms in a man. Men with excessive weight will not have regular and good production of hormones which will ultimately affect the sperm production. Staying fit and maintaining an ideal weight will ensure production of healthy sperms. Follow a daily routine of exercises and eat balanced and healthy food everyday to ensure good health of your reproductive organs.


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