7 Most stimulating films for the sexually curious

Blue is the Warmest Color (2013)

Sex is and has always been an integral part of the cinema. But, for the most part, it has been dreadfully misrepresented. Since all of us want sex to be pleasurable that is how we get to see it in most of the movies (especially the mainstream ones). These movies just exploit a single aspect of sex making us imagine that this is how it is or this is how it should be. It is wrong. Sex is more than just pleasure. It is intimacy, it is shame, it is violence, it is disgust, it is love. It is a quarry of myriad complex emotions. And if your sex life isn’t enough for you to explore all of these emotions, here are 7 movies that would definitely help in quenching your sexual curiosity.

7 Movies for the sexually curious

1. Belle de Jour (1967)

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Who wouldn’t fantasize to be with a beautiful and classy upper-class lady? But unless you yourself are beautiful and upper class (which we doubt), there’s no way you can ever imagine to get even near her. The French auteur Luis Bunuel plays with the same fantasy in Belle de Jour, which many hail as his masterpiece.

The story is of the film isn’t that simple. The beautiful Séverine gets married to the handsome Pierre, who is also a doctor. But Séverine is unable to be intimate with her husband. What her husband suspects to be her shyness is in fact the opposite. Séverine actually fantasizes to be dominated and humiliated. Her fantasy takes her over to such an extent that she decides to work as an escort during the daytime when her husband is out. She does so under the alias Belle de Jour (which means ‘beauty of the day’). What follows is a story that manages to be tragic, erotic, and beautiful at the same time. It’s a must watch, especially if you are into S&M.

2. In the Realm of Senses (1976)

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From the outside, In the Realm of Senses might look like any other movie with too much of explicit sex in it, but it isn’t. It is different in many ways. First, it is an art film. Second, it is based on the true real-life story of Sada Abe. It is one of the first mainstream films to feature unstimulated sex scenes between its lead actors and thus it caused a scandal at the time of its release, but now it is regarded as a masterpiece.

The film revolves around Sada Abe and Kichizo Ishida. Sada Abe is a former prostitute, who works as a maid in a hotel, and Kichizo Ishida is the man who seduces her. The two of them have one big similarity. When it comes to sex, both can’t get enough of it. So, when they unite, they have as much of it as is humanely possible and decide to break all the barriers of lust by going all the way (we won’t tell you what that is, you better watch the movie).

3. Y Tu Mama Tambien (2001)

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Coming of age movies have become so common nowadays that they have become a sort of cliché. We all are tired of watching stupid youngsters discover their purpose in life. But what if we told you that those stupid youngsters discover their purpose by realizing their sexual fantasies? That’s what happens when two friends Julio and Tenoch go on a road trip with their slightly older and married friend Louisa. Though sex is the highlight of the film, it also gives us serious glimpses into the past and present of Mexico and into the strange lives of the main characters. At the time of its release,Y Tu Mama Tambien became the highest grossing film of all time in Mexico. It’s one of those films that you simply can’t afford to miss.

4. Intimacy (2001)

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Don’t be fooled by the title of this movie. Intimacy isn’t something that the main characters have, it is something that they long for and that are unable to get. It is about Jay a bartender who has left his family and is having a casual sexual relationship with a woman about whom he knows literally nothing. They have a purely physical relationship, but despite that Jay falls in love with the unknown woman and decides to find out who she really is. The film with its loveless sex is a perfect supplement for most of the mainstream movies, which usually tend to show sexless love.

5. Shortbus (2006)

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Shortbus is one of the few movies that attempt to join a variety of sex-related themes into a single whole. All the main characters have different sexual profile and different problems. Sofia is sex therapist living with her husband Rob, but she has never reached an orgasm, James and Jamie are a gay couple who are being espied upon by another gay Caleb, and Severin is a dominatrix who aspires to become an artist. All these characters meet in a kind of sexual salon called ‘Shortbus’, the place where all their problems are eventually resolved. If you are open-minded enough for it, the film might prove to be a highly rewarding experience.

6. Shame (2011)

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Shame deals with the theme of sex addiction. It is one of the most underrated aspect of sexuality and is something that you would rarely find in movies. Brandon, played by Michael Fassbender is a sex addict. He is addicted to every aspect of the act. From watching pornography and masturbating to having sex with prostitutes and going on one night stands with random women, he has done it all. But still, he is nowhere near having even an ounce of satisfaction.Having so many sexual encounters might seem like a fantasy to most, but it is a nightmare, and that is how the films describes it to be. It shows how sex addiction can destroy the lives of not only the addicts themselves but also the people around them.

7. Blue is the Warmest Color (2013)

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Winner of the Palm d’Or at the 2013 Cannes film festival, Blue is the Warmest Color is special in more than one way. Its French title is La Vie d’Adèle,which literally means ‘The Life of Adele’. It’s about the story of Adele, a 15-year-old girl from a middle-class French family, who begins an intense relationship with a girl named Emma, who is an artist and belongs to an upper-class family.

Along with sex and sexuality, the film focuses on many other themes like class division, colors, food, philosophy, etc. The film is three hours long, contains quite a lot of raunchy sex scenes between the main characters, and deals with many controversial topics. It created quite a controversy at the time of its release, but was also universally acknowledged as a cinematic gem. See it if you haven’t seen it already.

Final Words

These are not all. There are plenty of other films too that are good enough to change your perspective on matters related to sex. You can also try other films like Attenberg(2010), Love (2015), and The Mother and The Whore (1971). Never underestimate the positive impact of such movies on your sex life. But before you start watching them, just make sure that you are 18+.

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