All the things that you need to know about penile implantation

Penile implantation is all the rage these days. It is being considered a safe and effective way of countering erectile dysfunction. Impotency and erectile dysfunction are sexual problems that can totally change the course of a man’s life and bring down their confidence level.

With Penile implantation, a man suffering from erectile dysfunction or penile impotency can enjoy a healthy and satisfying sex life. Even women don’t find the bionic penis repulsive and can derive sexual pleasure from it. Here in the following you will find all the necessary information regarding penile implantation.

Penile implant is a good choice for those suffering from ED

 prosthetic penis

Medical science has evolved so much that a prosthetic penis should not be taboo topic. Yet, misconception and fear of stigma has kept the mass from celebrating penile implant as the new mode of ED treatment. Penile implant is a sure shot way of getting rid of erection issues and leading a normal sex life only if the taboos and inhibitions can be shed.

It is true that medicines like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra have a high success rate but their success is dependant on the type and nature of the erectile dysfunction. The patients suffering from heart diseases or diabetes also suffer from ED but they do not find Viagra and other such medicines helpful half of the times.

The different types of penile implants

abdomen surgery

Basically, there are two types of penile implants, namely inflatable implants and semi-rigid or malleable implants. The inflatable implants come in two or three piece designs comes with a fluid filled reservoir which is planted in the abdomen surgically, two inflatable cylinders in the penis and a pump at the scrotum which releases the fluid from its reservoir to fill the inflatable cylinders.

By pushing the release valve the man can again empty the cylinders and send back the fluid to the abdominal reservoir. The two-piece implant combines the reservoir system with the pump placed in scrotum. Users have to bend the cylinders to send back the fluid to the reservoir.

The semi-rigid implants are made of articulating disks of plastic or braided stainless steel. The three-piece inflatable implants more closely resemble a real erection than the other models. The rods have to be bent upwards while having sex and can be lowered as per convenience so no one can see it through clothing.

Penile implant can change your life for the better

 Diabetes robs

Diabetes robs away the vitality of the penis even if it does not bog him down from desiring or leading a normal life. Having erection problems can dampen sex life and even cause trouble between committed partners. If medical science has the answer to the anomaly caused by erectile dysfunction then one must consider it seriously.

Even women are going for breast implants and vaginal restructuring for enjoying better sex and feeling more confident. Penile implants should be embraced for their ability to improve the quality of your life.

Penile implants are offering safe and enjoyable solution to impotency and erectile dysfunction. The different types of penile implants come in different price ranges. This lets men choose a penile implantation that comes within their budget.

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