All You Need to Know about Dolphin Kama Sutra Position

Many couples might find sex to be a boring activity after some years, but they can spice up their sex life by seeking help from the bible of sex positions – Kama sutra. It is believed by many historians that the book Kama sutra appeared long back in the 400BCE and 200CE. The book is not only about sex positions but also talks about the way of life. Since you are searching ways to give a new dimension to your sex life, this book is definitely going to help you. This bible helps you to explore various sexual intercourse poses so that your sex time becomes a passionate and an intimate one. One of the more exciting positions which satisfy both couples is the Dolphin Kama sutra position. This is a position which cannot be tried out by everybody, as it is difficult.


Dolphin Explained


Dolphin Kama sutra position is mostly opted by those who are very articulate in yoga and acrobats. In other words, it is a position for gymnasts. In this position, you need to lie down on the bed on your back, fully naked with a pillow beneath your head after which you need to push yourself gradually to raise your hips and legs towards the ceiling. You have to do a good balancing act of balancing on your shoulders while keeping your neck and head on the bed. Your partner would have to station himself between your thighs and adjust himself so that he can insert his penis smoothly into you. He needs to hold your buttocks with his hands so that you can support yourself in the elevated position. The thrusting to and fro movement of the penis can also be controlled by holding you by the buttocks. For even more excitement, your partner can lift up your hip so that your leg does not touch the ground. This position is also an ideal one to get pregnant.


How it ensures maximum satisfaction?


This position allows both you and your partner to attain climax swiftly. Though the intimacy is not as much as the other positions as the body parts do not touch very much, the satisfaction that you get on reaching the climax is out worldly.  The feeling of the penis getting in is a pleasurable one. The joy which you feel when the penis reaches the G spot is incomparable. In order to get the feeling of complete bliss, the penis needs to be erect and long so that it is thrusted deep inside. Your partner can control the thrusting movements because he is in a position to do so.


Precautions, if any


The Dolphin posture is an exciting one but one should not extend the act. Holding it for too long might lead to serious consequences like blood clotting in the head and leading to blackouts for you. Your partner should be strong enough to hold you firmly.



It is a must try pose to ignite the love once again. However amateurs should not try this pose as they may get injured.



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