All You Need to Know About Splitting Bamboo Kama Sutra Position

Kama sutra is a sex manual which has been written by the Hindus in Sanskrit around the period 400 BC. It has not only been designed for physical satisfaction, but also shows medieval people a way of life. The manual has more than 100 sex positions which are performed by various couples all around the globe. Some of these positions are pretty difficult to perform, whereas some positions are easy and can be performed by amateurs as well. The Kama Sutra has various positions which are described in different forms of drawing and sculptures. One of the well known positions is the Splitting Bamboo Kama Sutra Position which is followed by people all around the world.

The art of Splitting Bamboo Kama Sutra Position explained

In the splitting bamboo position, the man is on top of the woman. However, there is a twist in the tale. You can just relax by lying naked on bed. Your partner is the one who does the act. You need to raise one leg in the air and place it around his ear or rest it on his shoulder. If you feel you can manage that, you can grasp his neck with your legs. Your partner needs to straddle your thigh and uses his other hand to elevate your position since your legs are wide apart, this will result in better penetration of the penis in your vagina. Since both your partner’s hands are occupied and yours are totally free, you can arouse your partner by showing your clitoris to him, stroke his penis, press your breasts and also do little bit of moaning to add more spice to the act.


You and your partner will reach the brink of satisfaction if you can spread your legs wider and place it on your partner’s shoulders. Your clitoris will be fully exposed and he can smoothly put his penis in you. For better satisfaction, use some gel for smooth entry of the penis. Couples who are more adventurous can also resort to flavored condoms, food like strawberry jam, chocolate sauce or butter for that extra bit. This is a position which can last for long and ultimate satisfaction can be obtained through the same.


Since you are inclined towards the downward position, this is a great way to get pregnant. Couple who want to enjoy some more of their sex life, therefore, should take the help of condoms for precautions. Multiple sex partners should assort to condoms as well, since they might catch diseases like HIV.This position should be performed by experts who have a regular sex life. If the position is properly not followed, your man might face some difficulty in the same and you also might get injured in the result.


 Splitting Bamboo

This is a great position if it can be followed properly. Since orgasm can be controlled for a longer time, both you and your partner will attain extreme satisfaction in the same.

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