The Ascent to Desire Kama Sutra Position Explained

The Kama sutra is often referred to as the Bible of sex positions. However, one thing that not too many people know is that it was written so as have a whole new way of living life. Anyways, if it is different sex positions that you are looking for then there can be no better place than the Kama sutra. The Kama sutra which was originally written in Sanskrit, originates in the India and historians believe it was written somewhere between 400 BCE and 200BCE. The positions explained in the Kama sutra ensure that you have maximum pleasure and satisfaction, that too by giving you loads of options to choose from. The following is one of the many sex positions that one would find in the Kama sutra.

 Ascent to Desire Kama Sutra Position, Ascent to Desire Kama Sutra Position

The Ascent to Desire Explained

The ascent to desire is one of those sex positions explained in the Kama sutra where lifting your partner, if you are the male counterpart, takes the central part. So if your partner or you are comfortable with the lifting part, the ascent of desire should be pretty easy to perform. The man has to stand firmly on his feet, with his feet just wide enough to get in line with his hips. Along with this one has to slightly bend their knees so as to get into the perfect position. It’s all set now and all that you have to do is lift her onto you. Once she is onto you, she needs to wrap her legs around your hips and that is precisely the ascent to desire.

However if you find the lift to be bit difficult then you can try a different approach to make sure that the lift is supported and comparatively easy. One can start the ascent of desire by sitting on the bed and then slowly getting up. This way she can support the lift as she gets help from the edge of the bed.

How It Ensures Maximum Satisfaction

The fact that she is leaning onto you with her weight makes sure that the penetration is deep as she moves up and down. It does not take a great deal to understand the fact that with maximum penetration you get the maximum satisfaction.

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Though there are no precautions in the ascent of desire, it should be tried only if you feel comfortable in lifting up your partner. The reason is that the weight factor plays a major role in this particular sex position.


If you are looking for a new and innovative sex position that can provide you and your partner with maximum amount of satisfaction, then the ascent of desire is a position you should definitely give a try. The fact that it is relatively easy to perform and has no fancy steps makes it even more interesting. Also the fact that this position has been tried and tested over the past numerous years means that you do not have to worry about anything else.

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