Best oral sex methods

Tips for giving her a great time in oral pleasure

A man who is capable of giving good orals can win any woman’s heart forever. The virtual media, movies and magazines always emphasize how men love receiving orals and blowjobs but never offer any insights on how men can satisfy women with oral stimulation. Women, just like men, enjoy getting oral sex and for many couples it is an integral part of their foreplay. Unfortunately, not all men are good at giving orals. If you want to take your woman to the peak of pleasure with oral stimulation then read the following tips.

Go slow and steady

Go-slow-and-steadyWomen need to be touched in the right erogenous zones before they feel sexually aroused. Before you start giving her oral stimulation, you will have to prepare her for it. If you go straight for the love spot then you may make her uncomfortable. Pleasure her through touching, kissing, sucking and massaging before you head towards the vagina. Prolonging the foreplay will make her carnal juices flow which in turn will enhance the pleasure of love making.

Don’t be shy to ask her

A real man never feels uneasy to ask his woman what she wants. Ask her if she likes it slow or wild and also encourage her to speak out loud when she likes something you are doing to her. Sexual communication is a key to better bonding and improves the chances of satiation for both the partners.

Go by the alphabets

types of orgasm that a woman can enjoyAs you probably already know, clitoris is the most sensitive part of her vagina. There are two types of orgasm that a woman can enjoy clitoral orgasms and vaginal orgasms. A huge number of women only experience clitoral orgasms. While giving her oral always focus on the clitoris. If you have never done it before with her and don’t know which strokes she likes the best then stroke her clitoris in the shape of each alphabet. See how she reacts to each stroke. Continue with the strokes that she moans to.

The tongue action

You must create variety using your tongue to make her swoon. Make the oral session a combination of different types of tongue actions. When she is completely aroused insert the tongue into her vagina and move it in a to-and-fro manner. Build up the tension and see her orgasm blissfully.

Giving oral sex to a woman can be a tricky job. Every woman is different and needs to be pleasured differently down under. Take things slow and build the tension gradually for taking her over the edge.

Best oral sex methods according to the Kamasutra

sex methods according to the KamasutraKamasutra is definitely the treasure trove of ideas when it comes to sex. Sexual intercourse can become boring if a couple practices the same tried and tested methods all the time. Kamasutra preaches the necessity of experimenting with different sexual postures. Oral sex is great way of giving and deriving satisfaction. Kamasutra describes several oral sex positions for men and women, which can totally change the bedroom life of couples. Vatsyayana was a wise man who knew the social-sexual scenario very well. He candidly explains that the harems of kings are not protected well and there is a high chance of determined men impregnating the women living in harems. This may lead to some catastrophic consequences and bring anarchy. He analyzed oral sex practiced by young men and queens in great details.

Vatsyayana says that a queen loved the kalila position of oral sex. Maidservants and slaves generally practiced this form for her. He has also described each and every step of oral sex for guiding the novice lovers. At the beginning the woman forms a ‘O’ with her lips to touch the head of the penis gently and the man has to hold her head firmly to move it in tiny circles. This way the penis would get the stimulation it requires for staying erected. In the next step, the woman sucks the sides of the shaft gently in a swift motion. After that, she holds the penis more firmly and lays kisses on the penis head and starts sucking and tickling it with lips and tongue. In the next phase the woman takes in the head of the penis in her mouth and starts moving her head in a to and fro motion to give pleasure to her man.

Vatsyayana has also prescribed some kinky oral sex positions through which men can pleasure their wives. In the Faceplant position, the man has to lie on his back while his lover kneels on his face for getting some quick tongue love. In this position, the woman gets to determine the angle and pace. Another loved oral sex position that gives the lady all the power is called rein-him-in. In this position, the woman lies on her back and the man goes down on her. She has to make a loop with his tie or a scarf and then holds his head inside the loop. She can then move his head right or left while he gives oral.

Kamasutra emphasizes the importance of both giving and receiving sexual pleasure. Reciprocal sex not just offers physical contentment but also helps in deriving mental satisfaction.

Necessary hygiene tips for oral sex newbies

Oral stimulation can be gratifying but lack of hygiene will lead to the spread of infections. Understanding the risks involved with unhygienic intercourse and oral sex will help you become more conscious. Maintaining hygiene is not difficult if you set some ground rules and follow them. In the following, you will find tips on maintaining hygiene down under.

Basic hygiene care

Take a shower just before going to bedSweating is a physical phenomenon that helps in maintaining our body’s heat and temperature balance. Just like your underarms, the genitals also sweat profusely and the smell of this sweat can be very nasty. Women and men who do not wax or shave the pubic hair are more prone to sweating. Not cleaning the genitals properly can be very unhygienic. The musty smell will distract and appall your partner. Use water to wash the genitals everyday at least twice. Genital secretions and white secretions are common in women. Men too secrete pre-cum even when they do not have sex. These secretions can make your genitals look and smell bad. Use your fingers for rubbing the creases of your genitalia and cleaning it thoroughly. Take a shower just before going to bed to smell good and feel fresh.

Keep away the perfumes

Keep away the perfumesThe genital area is sensitive and can get burnt if it comes in close contact with harsh chemicals. Do not use perfumes, body spray, or any other kind of strongly perfumed substance in your genitals. It may cause an outbreak of rashes, redness and infection. Perfumes can also ruin the pH balance of your vagina leading to more sexual problems. The natural clean and fresh smell of your sex organ is enough to attract your partner. Believe in the power of natural pheromones.

Scented condoms

Scented condomsOral sex is not totally safe as it can also spread STDs. Some women indulge in oral sex thinking that it will keep them safe from sexually transmitted diseases. The truth is very different. Some of the sexually transmitted diseases that you may pick up during oral sex are gonorrhea, syphilis and Chlamydia. If you and your partner are into oral anus sex then be careful about Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and worms. Ask your partner to wear flavored condoms during oral sex. For making oral sex more fulfilling and safer condom manufacturers have started marketing flavored condoms in many varieties. From mint to chocolate flavored condoms, you will get all in a supermarket.

Do not force or be forced

Sex is about receiving and giving pleasureSex is about receiving and giving pleasure. You should not force your partner to give you a blowjob if they are uncomfortable doing it. Likewise, they also should not force you to go down on them. Indulge in oral sex if both of you feel comfortable and happy doing it.

Some extra tips

maintain hygieneWomen should wash their anus along with their vagina or else there will remain a chance of bacteria spreading from the anus to the vagina and vice versa. Men who have not been circumcised need to be more careful while cleaning their penis. They have to gently raise the foreskin and clean the area underneath. Body fluids are trapped inside the foreskin and make your penis stink unpleasantly. The first two days of menstruation is a time when the odor is strong. You should also consider trimming, epilating or waxing the pubic hair. Oral sex is extremely pleasurable but only if you and your partner maintain hygiene. Rinse and clean the genitals regularly and use proper protection for reducing risk of STDs.

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