The best positions for anal sex

Much we have heard and talked about anal sex. But one thing that keeps coming to our minds is if people are actually having more anal sex or it’s just they love or hate about this activity, hence they want to discuss it more. Whatever maybe the case, what people are doing is discussing it more and more for sure. And which has certain highs and lows. More discussions may lead to confusions and misinterpretations at times.

Here is a rundown of best positions you can try out for better and pleasurable anal sex.

Doggy Style

Doggy StyleAs the name suggests, doggy style is a rear entry position that is associated with anal sex most than any other sex positions. This position is most popular because the level of penetration and control it gives to both partners is better than any other positions. It may fascinate first timers the most, but sex experts never suggest so.

Spooning Sex Position 

The position may not be as easy as the previous one, but it will give you and your partner a chance to explore and try out something new. In this position, both partners spoon while facing in the same direction. For a better penetration, partner can lift a leg in a scissor position and other partner can penetrate while lying on the side.

Rider Sex Position 

couple loving each otherThis sex position can be tried out not only in anal penetration but also in vaginal penetration. This is because the kind of freedom and flexibility it offers to the receiver. In this position, the receiving partner always sits atop and always in a position to have a better control of ongoing activities like angle, pace, depth, and intensity of penetration.

Because of controls and power it offers to the receiver, this position is always recommended to the first timers. Another rationale behind this notion is flexibility of relaxing their anus and sphincter muscles while sitting up it offers to the partner being penetrated. To feel relaxed and easy for the receiving partner is of utmost importance, because it defines the level of enjoyment while having anal sex.

Love or hate for anal sex is entirely a personal taste thing, but if you want to try out some anal action in the bed, then it always better to have some knowledge of at least one enjoyable position which you and your partner enjoy equally.

Blasting myths and taboos related to anal sex

 Anal sex is painfulAnus is dirty, anal sex is unhygienic Children are taught that the anus needs to be cleaned after each time they excrete for maintaining hygiene and promote good health. Such lessons create taboos against the anus as a dirty place. The truth of the matter is that there is nothing unhygienic about anal sex if the anus is cleaned regularly and the normal cleanliness is maintained after sex. There are also taboos regarding touching the vagina and vulva born from the teachings of childhood. Stimulation at these body parts can make a woman reach orgasmic pleasure. Same way anal sex too can help women reach climax. Anal sex is painful Anal sex doesn’t hurt. Bad techniques can hurt. Anal sex has to be performed cautiously only after learning the accurate techniques. Educate yourself about anal sex and find out ways in which it can be performed without getting hurt. Also use proper lubrication for making sex enjoyable and reducing friction.

Anal sex is not normal Anal sex does not cause any harm to the anus or the rectum. There is no danger of fissures, tears or hemorrhoids if anal sex is done carefully. The first time you have anal sex, everything just might not go right but practice will make things perfect and put you at your ease. Just like vaginal sex, anal sex can also lead to sexually transmitted diseases. So, make sure that you indulge in anal sex with a partner whom you know completely and don’t forget to use a lubricated latex or polyutherane condom. Anal sex is just for same sex couples Homosexuality is another tabooed matter regarding which there is lots of misconception. Anal sex is not just for homosexual couples. Just like vaginal sex it is a way of getting sexual pleasure and very popular among heterosexual couples from all over the world. Summary As the main purpose of sex is conventionally considered to be reproduction, anal sex is naturally believed to be a sort of perversion which it is not. If performed carefully then anal sex can provide unlimited happiness.

Tips to make anal sex even more interesting

positions-for-anal-sexThere is nothing wrong in living out your sexual fantasies but only if you know how to do them right. Anal sex can be extremely painful if not done in the right way. It can hurt your partner and put the fear of sex in them. When done in the right way anal sex can take you to new heights of pleasure and sexual satisfaction.

The first and most important tip for women who want to indulge in anal sex is to communicate properly with their partners during sex. The first few times you have anal sex, it may appear very painful. That is why; you must have an agreement with your partner that he should stop at the slightest signal from you. Sex is supposed to make you feel good and not injure you. Do not feel that you are letting your man down by asking him to stop. Remember that a man who loves you will care for your comfort more than anything else.

Preparation is the best way to make anal sex pleasurable. If you let your man insert his penis in your anal without any preparation it will hurt like hell. Instead, start by getting used to penetration in small steps. First, insert one finger inside the anus. Use lube on your anus and the finger before you start. Let the sphincter get used to your finger for a few nights. Increase the number of fingers and practice every night. The muscles will resist such insertions at first but slowly get accustomed to it.

The next step is to insert a butt plug and practice with it. Now your hips are ready for more serious action. You may insert a dildo inside your anal canal and pleasure yourself.

Learn to enjoy anal sex and get accustomed in this way. When you are ready, ask your man to have you from behind.

Communicate clearly before indulging in anal sex. Tell your man that he needs to take things slow in the beginning. Your man should not force his penis completely inside you at one go.

Ask him to insert only the head of the penis first and then wait for you to adjust with the penetration. He should hold his erected penis still inside you after inserting it completely. This will give you time to adjust and enjoy the penetration. Increase the speed slowly. Use a good quality water based lubricant instead of spitting on the penis. Lubricants can make anal sex pleasurable and decrease the pain.

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