Capitalizing sex tourism industry

Capitalizing sex tourism industry

Sex tourism industry has huge amounts of money involved. In fact, the monetary affair is so vast and circulated that it becomes a real task going into the inside of this system. Pumped with billions of dollars, sex tourism industry makes major contributions to the GDP of some countries. World has many aspects to the sex tourism industry, whether a hush affair or an openly accepted one, money so involved in the process is massive. Not to forget sex tourism and prostitution are forms of business and the main objective is however to increase the profit.

The legal status of prostitution varies from country to country, from being permissible but unregulated, to an enforced or unenforced crime or to a regulated profession. The annual revenue generated through sex tourism industry is estimated to be over $100 billion. The payments and salaries of the sex workers vary from country to country.

Payment may vary according to regulations made by brothel keepers, madams, and procurers, who usually take a slice out of a prostitute’s income. In destinations like Bangkok where sex tourism is the most affluent source of income generation, the annual revenue goes to around 2.5-4 billion dollars each year and employs over 200,000 people. Sex working involves more money in comparison to other jobs in many countries.

There have been many contributing factors in the capitalization of this industry. Right from adding an extra bit of element in your travel to making it an easy money profession, sex tourism industry is capitalized like no other. Sex tourism industry is mainly an economic development strategy. Since the money is involved in lump sum amounts, the circulation of this money directly affects the GDP.

Beyond sex and romance sex-tourism, industry has social and economical arrangements. The main reasons for capitalization of this industry are:

Allurement for travel: In today’s scenario, travel just does not mean a basic travel. There has to be a number of elements that makes it an enriching experience altogether. Thus, to suit the ever-increasing demands of travelers, sex tourism is massively capitalized. It works as an allurement factor and helps increase the tourist count in sex destinations in and around the world.

Advertisement of Sex industry: Feminine beauty is of great value and presenting it in a way that it catches all eyes yet another source to add a chunk of money to the country’s pockets. In destinations where sex tourism industry is open, flexible and legal, advertising sex tourism is very important. It involves a lot of money in the process of advertisement but the results then oriented are heart filling. Advertising the aspects of sex tourism in an attractive and recalling manner serves the purpose right and helps generate a great deal of business.

Source of Easy Money: Sex tourism industry is a source that generates easy money. It does not require any vocational knowledge. Anyone can learn the right skills with time and experience. Even the underprivileged can easily take up this profession and earn a respectable living for them. It accounts for all the easy money one can earn and has attributes of excitement involved with it.

With excessive capitalization of this industry, certain negative attach to it. In the lust of earning more and more, sex tourism industry has become a victim to various socio-economic issues. These have to eliminate from a global front to make this industry taboo free. These socio- economic issues are that of illegal immigration, use of children, violence, and human trafficking. These issues have become a matter of great worry to the sex tourism industry and need immediate attention to tackle these havocs.


Sex tourism industry is a major contributor to the GDP of several countries and therefore it is gaining momentum. Its revenue turns out to be in billion dollars. However, the negatives attached need immediate attention.

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