Chatting with hot girls helps you tackle your post-divorce woes

How should a divorced guy act? Are there rules about a cooling off period? Is it a bit like mourning? Are you expected to withdraw from your social circle and live a quiet life of contemplation, gazing into your navel and pondering about all those things that went wrong in your relationship and what you’ll do to make sure this scenario is never repeated? Will your friends anticipate you letting off steam every time you touch base? Will you start to exhibit signs of jealousy when you meet up with people you know who haven’t made those same mistakes and are blissfully happy?

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I would suggest none of the above should ever apply. If you’ve got to the stage where your relationship has not only received a terminal diagnosis but has been consigned to ancient history, then the very last thing you should be doing is dwelling on it. You should look upon this as a glitch in your life, nothing more. By all means consider some of the aspects you could have changed, some of the blazing arguments you might’ve resolved if you’d been more diplomatic instead of reacting to every provocation with a verbal broadside.

But don’t ever regret things that you’ve said and done. There’s nothing you can do about it. Far, far better to grab life by the horns again and treat divorce with the flippancy it deserves! And what better way to do that than chat with hot girls.

There are a host of sites catering for the eager appetites of individuals looking to be hooked up with likeminded partners. Some will aim to pair you up with a suitable candidate based on extensive profiling questions. In this way, there will be less chance of you finding yourself arranging a date with someone incompatible. Forget those awkward blind date scenarios of old, when you might have been matched up with a friend of a friend’s cousin who turned out to be a chain smoker with dodgy political views.

By going online, your initial date can be planned over as long a time period as you feel is mutually necessary. After carefully checking out profile photographs and descriptions, you can fire messages backwards and forwards, really getting to know all about the person, their aspirations and desires.

But the additional benefit of going down this route is that you can take short cuts. Not everyone is looking to get straight back into a serious relationship straight away. A great way to dip your toes back into the potential whirlpool of dating is to opt for casual encounters. Whet your appetite with some unashamed flirting. Nothing could be simpler.

Of course, there are still aspects of this type of online communication to be wary of. Don’t go in all guns blazing until you’ve at least got a hint of the personality and sexual tastes of the person at the other end of your messages. It may be that they are merely looking for some no strings attached fun. If that’s exactly what you’re after, then go for it. But don’t make the mistake of falling for someone who is only into her online matchmaking on a strictly casual basis. On the other hand, if you’re just looking to hook up for sex for the sake of it, your destiny is in your hands.

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Whether the outcome is a solitary night of passion or something more durable, chatting with sensual females is certainly recommended for putting a spring back in your step. Within the confines of your browser, you can let your imagination run a bit riot as you describe everything that you like and drool over the replies.

And here’s another thing. Your divorce will have been down to you and your ex. Perhaps there was a third party involved – but probably not at the same time, unless your former partner was of a kinky disposition. But when you’re starting to get familiar with hot girls, you don’t necessarily have to stay faithful to one. Where casual get-togethers are concerned, you unleash use your newfound freedom by flirting with more than one partner. Why not take advantage of your situation by accumulating your own little harem of beauties that you flirt with on a regular basis?

When the time comes to choosing favorite, it won’t be as if you’ve strung any of the others along. For all you know, any one of them could have been merrily sifting through the male profiles in the same way, keep various plates spinning while homing in on Mr. Right.

After all, when you’re looking for love for the second time, what’s the point in hurrying? I’d thoroughly recommend you chat with hot young women and remind yourself what’s been missing in your life for as long as you want.

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