Color and type of lingerie has a huge effect on your sex life

The first few months of an affair is memorable not just because of the new feeling of love and brewing romance but also for the amazing sex people have at this phase. After entering a new relationship sex stays on the top of your agenda. It is a time to explore the body of your partner and reveling in the joy of fornication to the max.

 Touching her erotically

As time passes, sex becomes more commonplace and the thrill goes out of the bedroom window. The sudden passionate sex in the car turns into a dab once every week routine for most couples. Bad sex life can estrange the most loving partners and create distances between them. Well, the one thing can save a woman from boredom in bedroom is the color of lingerie she chooses to wear.

Color affects the mind more deeply than we can imagine. Sex is related with the brain, and colors can change thoughts. Scientists have found a close relationship between colors and sex. As lingerie is the very last piece of clothing that men see on a woman during sex, it plays a part in setting the mood.

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When lust is triggered suddenly, the result is generally a surge of passionate animal sex. It generally involves love bites and strong thrusts leading to immediate satiation. Romantic sex is what a couple deeply in love relish during the weekends and on their vacations. It includes cuddling, touching and lots of smooching. The quickies are about sneaking around to find a convenient nook or corner for reaching satisfaction in 5 minutes.

A woman can take charge and change the course of intimacy by wearing the right lingerie. Men who love women to wear red lingerie are usually passionate and prefer a ripe, full-figured woman. They are not selfish in bed and take their women to the heights of passion skillfully. Men who prefer women to wear black bras are more into romance and foreplay than vigorous passion. They like women to be both elegant and sexy.

The men who desire their woman to wear yellow lingerie are conservative by nature and can prove to be too much controlling. If a woman is confident of her body and wants to reignite the fire of love then she should not stay away from experimenting with her lingerie. Ladies should try wearing body-stocking, which is a transparent net stocking that hugs the entire female frame and attracts men without fail.


The color of lingerie can attract the men in your life and set a distinctive mood for your sexual intercourse. Depending on color of lingerie your sex life can be playful, romantic or intense.

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