Enjoy sex in a blindfold and find the thrill of surprise

Among the five senses, the one that is mainly responsible for attraction between two people is eyesight. Remember the first time you saw your partner and felt drawn towards their smile or the way they walk? That is because visualizing someone helps you form a perception about them. The brain immediately notices some characteristics and facial features that are likeable. We give so much value to visual sensations that we often forget to fully enjoy the other sensations.

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Touch is a powerful sensation. When you restrict the visual sensation then the sensation of touch can be relished completely. Blindfold sex is a great way of enjoying the pleasure of touch. After many years of marriage and monogamy, there is hardly anything new to explore visually. Blindfolded sex opens new possibilities for enriching your love life. It excites the woman and man both equally. Men learn to gratify women when they are blindfolded and the woman gets chance to guide them. In the following, some tips for blindfolding your partner have been discussed.

Heighten pleasures for the other four:

blindfold sex 

When your partner is blindfolded, you have the power to seduce them and direct them to do things of your choice. As eyesight has been restricted, you should seduce your partner through smell, taste, touch and sound. Play a sexy romantic number to create lovely ambience. Dim the lights, as even with the blindfold your partner will be able to sense harsh light. Spray a sensuous, delicate and erotic perfume on your nerve ending points like the wrist and nape of neck. Women enjoy being touched sensuously on their abdomen, naval and backbone. For men the pleasure points are chest, big toe and ear lobes. Touch, kiss and suck these body parts to arouse your partner.

Bring texture:

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The best thing about blindfold is that it creates scope for out of the box erotic experiments. Take things to levels where you have never been with your partner. Couples sometimes use earplugs with blindfold for increasing the sensation and pleasure of touches. Soft fabrics like satin or velvet can enhance the sensuality of lovemaking. Touch your man and his vital sex organ with feather. Tickle him and make him wild in desire for you.

Learn to give erotic massage:

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There are a wide variety of oils available in the markets which have mild aroma and just perfect for massaging your partner during foreplay. While massaging your partner don’t neglect their feet and palm. Many nerve endings are present in these two parts of the body, which help in heightening sensuous feelings. If you have blindfolded your husband then don’t feel shy in massaging his penis with silicone lube. Guide them to rub your body parts in return. Massaging and kneading you when they are blindfolded will make them adore you more.

Feed their fire:

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Sex is not just about thrill and mystery. It is also about having fun and flirting. What is better than food to have fun with during sex? Keep some small delicacies ready at hand for feeding your partner and ask them to guess what the name of the food is. From small bites of pastries and chocolate covered strawberries to spicy cheeseball and chilies, keep various foods in your inventory for having more fun. If your partner wrongly guesses then penalize them by making them do small sexy tasks for you.


Blindfold offers endless possibilities. You can keep it simple and relaxing or make it spicy and exhilarating. Blindfold will definitely rejuvenate your sex life and take you to new heights of carnal pleasures.

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