Stress causing sex problems?

Stress causing sex problems

Stress does not occur only for working couples alone but it may result due many other reasons too. Sometimes, it may be due to sudden loss of employment, a death in the family, a sudden bad news, infidelity in marriage and various other issues. This is when your sex life gets hampered to a great deal. For people who are working, the long hectic schedules of work, strenuous travelling, work pressure, and demanding jobs are one of the main reasons of stress. The other issues are equally important for a marriage to go for a toss. After a period of time, an individual becomes so stressed out that he starts fuming inside and erupts. Too much stress gives rise to blood pressure, tension in the family, and depression which indirectly effects sex after married life.

stress-in-sex-lifeMen who are too much stressed after office do not have an urge for sex anymore. They are not easily aroused and they do not become erect or achieve orgasm. They are distracted with each and every small issue and that leads to a troubled married life. Women are of the same nature. Women are, by and large, little less sexually obsessed unlike men. They need to be totally in the right mood in order to be aroused. A household fight, fight with the boss, or stress can lead to a bad sex life. If this issue continuous every day, marriage is in the verge of breaking up. It should be remembered that a great sex life is good for marriage and a person can’t do without a good sex life as well. The discontinuation of sex can extend to days and then to months and ultimately the urge for having sex is totally diminishes. This is when you search for different options in life. Before it is too late, sit down and reach out to you partner. Try saving your marriage with a great night in bed. Try taking leave and enjoying the company of each other. This will save your marriage as well as your sex life. 

Men are genetically programmed to think a lot about sex. No matter whether a man is in a serious relationship or not, they will think about sex and getting it as frequently as possible. Their amorous endeavors are also aimed at getting sexual favour from their girlfriends and wife.

Men tend to judge themselves on the basis of their sexual potency and performance in the bed. Not so surprisingly some men suffer from sexual anxiety and sexual performance related worries. You too may have felt that your sexual capacity is waning. There is nothing to worry. Follow the tips discussed here to enhance your sexual health and libido for a happier sex life. 

Ways you can have a stress-free sex life

Start a new fitness regime

Start a new fitness regimeAge and lack of exercise can decrease your body’s flexibility and the muscle tone. If you are not engaged with any sort of physical activities outside work then this is the right time to begin. Keep three types of exercises in your fitness routine. Cardio exercises, core muscle exercises and weight training. A mix of yoga, stretching and cardio exercises like cycling, swimming or playing a sport will do you good. Practice Kegel exercise everyday for bettering your sexual performance.

Eat healthy, stay healthy

Eat healthy, stay healthyApart from exercising eating a balanced diet is the basic mantra of staying fit. Keep vegetables and fruits in your meals. Try to avoid processed foods like white flour and sugar. Brown sugar and honey are healthier options. Brown rice and whole wheat bread are also good for curbing cholesterol and controlling obesity. Lean meat and fish are sources of proteins. If you are vegetarian opt for unsalted nuts, dry fruits, soybean and lentil soup. Also try to eat less oil and fatty foods. If you are bothered about a particular sexual health problem like erectile dysfunction then consult a medical specialist immediately.

Get rid of distractions

Get rid of distractionsThere should be fewer distractions so that you can focus on sex and your partner more. Turn of the cell and keep away the other technical devices. Take a relaxing bath or give sexy body rub to each other. This way both of you will be focusing on pleasure giving and intimate enjoyment. Do not hurry.

Prepare her for the intercourse

Prepare her for the intercourseWomen need more time to get into the groove. Instead of going straight for sex, you should prepare her for intercourse by kissing and hugging. Whisper something romantic in her ear and carry her to the bedroom in your arms. Give more importance to foreplay to arouse her completely.

Men are often concerned about their sexual performance. A healthy lifestyle and a few changes in your sexual routine will keep both you and your partner satisfied.

How stress management helps in boosting your sex life

Sexual intimacySexual intimacy can bring two people very close and form an emotional connection. No relationship can thrive in the absence of sexual intimacy. A bad relationship can make an individual go through severe emotional stress and trauma. Such experiences can prevent them from wanting to indulge in sex. They may retreat in a shell and try to remain inside it. Even after they fall in love, again with their partner they are afraid of letting their control go and enjoy sex. They are afraid of handing over their emotions to another person. Emotional stress has to be managed by proper counseling. Remember that not every person you meet in life will be the same. If someone has betrayed you, it does not mean that another person will do the same.Work related stress and pressure could lead to lack of sexual appetite, disinterest, tiredness and erectile dysfunction. When a man is anxious, he may ejaculate before time and without reaching the orgasmic fulfilment. Women feel disinterested and cannot enjoy sex when they are stressed. They may suffer from a dry vagina and feel hurt during sex. Stress management should include relaxing breathing techniques and making time for pursuing your hobbies.

If you are bothered about a particular sexual health problem like erectile dysfunction then consult a medical specialist immediately. If ever you’re in the area, searching for ed treatment Houston can help you find the reliable medical institution.

Consult a counselorExercise, Yoga and meditation can help you in controlling the high stress levels. Consult a counselor or sexual therapist if you are suffering from excessive emotional stress. Do not let your work life become a burden on your personal happiness. Stress management is also necessary so that you can stay fit and healthy. Stress can cause heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes and many other chronic diseases. These diseases can affect your sex life negatively if not checked. Summary: Sexual intimacy can be affected adversely by high stress levels and chronic ailments caused by stress. Stress management can help in reliving your tension and stress levels so that you can enjoy your sex life.

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