The evolution of sex tourism and its apparent acceptance

evolution of sex tourism

Sex has been a part of tourism since time immemorial and as time passed, sex became more and more rooted in the tourism industry to such an extent that today it has become an integral part of tourism industry. History has been an evidence of the correlation between sex and tourism of not just one country but many. Marco Polo writes about Chinese women who came out to sleep with the passing travelers in return of some small trinkets. These small trinkets constituted much prized possessions for the women and their display would get them a magnificent marriage proposal.

Why talk only about China the historical lane of sex and tourism run down in India, Europe and all around the globe. Frequenting the brothels of the world was a part of the European man’s education as he made his Grand Tour. However, the army laid foundations for sex tourism all around the world notably with the Japanese army’s use of Filipino and Korean ‘comfort women’ for the sex-starved Japanese soldiers.

US army then declared Bangkok as the sex Capital of Asia and provided US Army men with rubber protection. Further, this process kept on enlarging itself with the creation of red light areas and the blossoming industry took a leap as a humungous sex tourism industry.

Sexualized subjectivities have consequences for passion, arousal and sex itself. This integrated aspect cannot separate its being from tourism. Sexuality so ingrained in the aspirations and practices of tourists, because of a heightened sense of sexuality and playfulness that typically accompanies human rituals. The taboos now attached a little contrary to the historical view where sexual encounters widely hoped for and encouraged.

Undressing, nakedness and exposure were part of featuring in Theatre and then became a part of the normal steady life. It was a period in 1930(s) when this world saw a transformation in the nature of sex at home and on travel. New technologies, new markets and competition from cheaper overseas locations were a major factor in contributing a boost to the sex tourism industry.

1950s onwards, the incomes rose considerably and people looked out for a change in careers that offered them more freedom and leisure at hand. The year of 1960 brought with itself a sexual revolution that allowed more experimentation that was sexual and gave wings to this blossoming sex tourism industry. Sex has continued to sell tourism ever since.

Sex tourism industry is a niche market where sex is the selling factor for special holiday packages for people. Gay, lesbian and older age group package put forth clear erotic subtexts marketed correctly. Sex and sexuality deeply embodied in the tourism industry give a completely new avatar to sex tourism industry.

Sex travel gives you an ecstatic feel that is another charming factor to this industry. Sex tourism industry is doing a great business; it has given the world a common ground to connect with for languages are different not the feelings. While some countries may be more renowned for the availability of commercial sex, sex tourism exists everywhere. Today Thailand, Vegas, San Francisco, Japan and many predominant places provide a rich taste for the travels interested in a stay that escalates you to another heavenly experience.

Sex tourism industry has engulfed this globe under one big banner and has made for itself a name that adds excitement, charm and certain taboos as well.


Tourism has added many a charms to itself and sex is one of the most favorites for it is so deeply ingrained in the culture. Sex tourism industry is therefore not a newly found phenomenon it is seated in the soil that has seen all evolutions.

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