Factors that kill sex drive in men that you may not realize

In the present day scenario, personal time between partners is a rarity. The sex drive among men is hugely impacted. The misfortune of the phenomenon is that it often goes unnoticed as we are so engrossed in our day to day lives. We take note of the crisis only when it has reached its climax-with little energy or initiative to revitalize our sex life. It is not only a personal but a social alarm in the long run that must caution us and also prompt us to action.

Some of the vital issues that need immediate attention from men who have felt the brunt of the problem are listed below:

  • Obesity:
    With the contemporary fast food culture in fashion, it is easy to understand why more and more people are turning obese. Increased weight causes generation of the female sex hormone in males, thus reducing their desire to have sex.
  • Stress:
    Emotional, psychological or even physical stress could lead to loss of the libido (desire for sex). The solutions lies in proper nutrition, stress-management, yoga and regular physical exercise.
  • Depression:
    It is difficult to distinguish between ordinary sadness and depression as a continuing phenomenon, especially in the isolated lives that we live. Prolonged depression disenchants one towards life itself and resultantly, the sex drive suffers.
  • Physical/emotional dislike for partner:
    Men who do not feel emotionally attached or physically attracted to their partners are more likely to lose interest in sex. Sharing feelings and spending time with partners, appreciating each other could be some of the ways to regenerates desire for one’s partner.
  • Alcoholism:alcohol
    Excessive abuse of alcohol can be murderous to the sexual instinct. Sex is a health dependent activity and an alcohol dependent person may not be able to satisfy himself or his partner. At times alcoholism may also create emotional distance between partners.
  • Lack of sleep:
    Most of us are not able to give our bodies’ sufficient sleep as we are burdened by the excessive work load and stress. Sleeplessness or inability to have a deep sleep can lead to lack of the sexual desire in men.
  • Low self esteem:
    low self esteem
    Men who have a low self esteem because of physical, professional or social complexes often lose their sex drive.
  • Heavy medication may also lead to lack of desire for sex needing a physician’s attention.

Lastly, we better be aware before we are trapped.

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