Five Amazing virgin locales to keep you spell bound

Amazing virgin locales to keep you spell bound

Unspoilt and untouched by human footprints should be the right choice of words to describe a virgin destination. However, not seen by the human eye is a bit exaggerated term, but it is pollution and garbage associated with tourists is what all matters. It is the harsh grating of daily business and the widespread commercialization leading to an unplanned growth of infrastructure that defiles the virginity of an otherwise wonderful tourist destination.


Koh Kood, Thailand:       


The island of Koh Kood off the coast line of Thailand is a quiet getaway, and it is virgin and unspoilt. The atmosphere is pristine with the blue water washing the white sandy beach. Here, the tourist positively gets a touch of serenity which is unparallel. It makes you feel complete and unruffled. The still warm water of the sea welcomes you to take a refreshing dip. The amazing and yet tranquil beach is dotted with luxury resorts. Koh Kood is well worth a visit and is a peace loving tourist’s paradise far from the madding crowd.


Majuli, Assam, India:


This amazing river island is known for its serene charm and leaves the tourist spellbound with wonderful experiences forming a long lasting impression in the mind. It holds the credit of being the largest river island. Located in the state of Assam in India well known for exquisite beauty, Majuli lying along the banks of the mighty river Brahmaputra is a virgin landscape. This charming place is a tourist’s heaven in the truest sense of the word. It is considered as one of the most beautiful places of the world. This picturesque place with its virgin beauty and a clear blue sky overhead has been declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO. This awesome locale is no doubt the seat of Assamese culture.


Galapagos Islands:

This island has become famous and legendary since the eminent biologist Charles Darwin had set his foot on this virgin island way back in time. The trail of Darwin’s foot prints have drawn in many explorers to this virgin destination, but the charm of its unspoilt freshness and incomparable beauty has been retained till date. Galapagos Islands is still a pristine locale and is a home to an amazing collection of flora and fauna. Iguanas, the legendary giant tortoise, penguins, fish, sea lions and whales have been inhabiting the terrestrial and the water body in and around this piece of virgin paradise on earth. Fortunately, the human population is however limited to a head count of less than 25000 and has been a contributory factor to its serene and pollution free environment.


Papua New Guinea, North Australia:



This is  one of the least explored destinations of the world. The interior jungles have a genuine primitive and virgin touch to it and it is truly a virgin destination. Far back in time, the practice of cannibalism was rampant among the natives. The country has a wonderful blend of rugged terrain and bottle green jungle. It houses a number of wildlife species and is a sure hit with explorers out on a remote and virgin locale.


Fiord land, New Zealand:


This amazing virgin destination situated on the southern end of New Zealand’s east coast is practically devoid of human population. It is wild, rugged and picturesque. There is an abrupt fall where the lofty mountains drop on to waters with a submerged and rocky terrain. Fiord land is really isolated, and the occasional visits by the Maori hunter-gatherers are its only contact with the human intrusion. It is famous for the precious New Zealand jadestone. Air currents blowing straight from Antarctica makes the atmosphere over here the cleanest.





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