Can’t hold erections?

How can you be a stallion in the bed? Do you have it in you? These are the questions that men wonder about before indulging in sex. Sexual dysfunction is a very common term among most men. It is something that most men worry about. There are some people who think that erection is associated with the excitement and arousal of men. However, that is not true. It has nothing, almost, to do with the guts and sentiments. This is a problem which needs to be treated thoroughly. Though this is a cause of great embarrassment to men, they should step forward and visit a sexologist. Erection of the penis is not under a man’s control; it has to do a lot with the muscular control, which some day or the other will surely weaken.

A man’s ability to get full erection depends on a variety of factors. This may include his physical ability, his muscle power, his age, his psychological and physiological health, and his life – whether it is stressful or relaxed. A man who has lots of tension around him finds it difficult to get proper erection. Other causes may include hormones’ performance, anxiety and health problems, stress, side effects of medication, issues in relation, alcohol and drugs.

How does it affect a married life?

strongly erected penis will give a woman full satisfaction

Erection is the foremost thing that shows that you are a man. A strongly erected penis will give a woman full satisfaction that they crave for. An erected penis will touch the G-Spot of woman very easily which gives satisfaction to her. If a penis is not fully erected, it cannot be inserted deep inside the woman. This leaves the woman dissatisfied and frustrated. If this is a continuous problem, it may also lead to marriage break ups.

How to treat it?

sexual performance of the man

The first thing that needs to be done is to talk to your partner and find out a solution. This is something that needs to be addressed immediately. Try talking it out with a liberal mind and try coming closer to your partner as well as getting aroused. If this is a persistent problem, consult a doctor. Lack of erection does not mean that the sentiments and emotions of the man have changed. It is the same and will continue to be the same. Erection gradually and usually stops occurring in men after the age of 50 years, but the love for you remains as strong as ever. So also, excess amount of sugar content in the blood causes diabetes and that is not a good thing for the sexual performance of the man.

A change in the lifestyle can also bring bigger changes in the sexual capacities as well. Use of alcohol is a vital part of lifestyle which works as a stimulant to the sexual capacities.

Effects of alcoholic doses on erectile dysfunction


It is worth mentioning that small doses can have a positive effect on the sex and it helps people get rid of erectile dysfunction too. However, larger doses are not that effective as they do not cause any better change. Instead, it makes the situation worse for the man. People can take smaller doses of alcoholic drinks to get some better response against erectile.

Diabetes and sexual performance


Diabetes, itself, has a negative impact upon the erectile dysfunction and it causes some more bodily changes that are more harmful for the entire body. These changes are often seen in the form of obesity and high cholesterol content in the blood. Both these are extremely harmful for the body as they reduce the capacity of sexual performance. Men get tired sooner and fail to make love. It is quite obvious that they are in situation to satisfy their partners in the bed. However, a commanding control over the diet, preferably sugar-restricted, can bring some improvement.

Sexual performance can be bettered with good amount of exercises. People suffering from weaker sexual performances, due to erectile dysfunction, can meet workout specialists to find out the exercises that can help them improve the situation in favour of them. They can do these exercises at their own place or they can visit the gyms to get the use of various exercises with the help of machines and devices. Men should also take very good care of their diet whenever they are taking exercises to better their body, especially for enhancing their sexual abilities.

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