Guessing a woman’s sexual personality by the shape of her breasts

Animals are hardly bothered with the shape and size of mammary glands but human males find this body part of women to be highly alluring. Female breasts play an important role during foreplay and intimacy. Surprisingly, the shape and size of breasts can help you gauge the nature and sexual performance of a woman without even touching her. In the following, you will find sufficient info regarding the female breast types and their significance in terms of sexual performance.

Large and round breasted women

 round breasted women

The best thing besides the beautiful shape of their breasts is that large and round breasted women love to try sex in different positions. When in love, she is eager to please her man on bed and comes up with interesting intercourse positions to make sex more interesting. Their breast shape is often called fish bowls. They enjoy sex as much as their male partners, and if you can get them aroused they will demonstrate a very wild and adventurous side of their character. However, these women find it hard to reach orgasm.

The Pear breasted woman

 Pear breasted woman

The pear shaped breasts are attractive and so are their owners. The pear breasted women are energetic and can make you exhausted by riding your penis hard. She also enjoys giving skilful and erotic blowjobs for which you will not have to pursue her much. These women have a dominatrix aspect to their sexual personality and like being in charge of the intimacy. They don’t mind initiating sex and like shy men. The sense of humor of pear breasted women can keep the romance alive for a long time.

Firm and spring like breasts

spring like breasts (2) 

Women who are slinky spring breasted are adept at experimenting. They are intelligent and loyal, which makes them invaluable as life partners. She will read your inner thoughts and help in acting out your darkest fantasies.

Triangular Breasted Women

 Triangular Breasted Women

The conical breasted or triangular breasted women enjoy sex and they have no taboos regarding the act of intimacy. They can even have sex with different partners in the same day. They make great actresses and even hookers.

Gulab Jamun or lemon breasted women

Young couple on the bed in bedroom 

These women may have small breasts but they are great partners in life. Once you have wooed her then she will go to any length to please you in bed. They lack the skills of the curvy ladies but makes up for it with her enthusiasm.

The breast shapes of a woman can tell many things about her nature and sexual appetite. Understanding a woman’s nature can help a man in satisfying her sexually.

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