Having Sex with your spouse – A healthy habit indeed

If you are among those who think that the ultimate aim and benefits of sexual encounter with your partner is pleasure, you need to know more. Regular sex with your spouse helps one sleep better and relieves one of stress. Additionally, it helps you burn some calories too.

There are some other reasons to as to why having sex with your partner regularly is considered a healthy habit.

Helps improve cardiovascular health

Recent studies have come out with interesting findings. It points out that men who having sex with partner twice a week have considerable less risk of having a heart attack as compared to the men who have sex less often.

Helps relieve pain

For those who make headache as an excuse for avoiding sex, it is time to think twice over. It is a fact that just when one is about to attain orgasm, oxytocin level increases by up to five times. In such a scenario, the release of endorphins helps reduce body aches and pain that one might be having. So next time, your body is aching, use sex with your partner as a remedy and see the difference it makes.

Helps increase immunity levels

In case you are in the habit of regular love making, you will find that common illness like cold and fever will stay away from you. This is because of the reason that the immune boosting antibody immunoglobulin increases, thus keeping you away from common ailments.


Helps promote longevity of life

As one attains orgasm, a hormone known as Dehydroepiandrosterone gets released. This improves immunity levels of the body and helps keep the skin healthy. Studies have proved that men who attain orgasm at least twice a week have greater lives than those who are able to realize the same once every few months.

Helps increase blood circulation

It is a known fact that the heart rate increases when one has sex. This essentially supplies fresh blood to cells and various organs in the body. Having sex on a regular basis therefore keeps one active and much enthusiastic about the daily happenings in life.

Helps attain better sleep

If you have regular sex, you will notice that you will have better sleep during the night. The calmer you sleep, better are the chances of you waking up charged up, the next morning. Thus regular sex with your spouse helps you feel better too.


Helps improve fitness levels

You will be surprised to know that about half an hour of love making can burn up to 80 calories. Additionally, regular sex with your spouse will also reduce your waistline and keep you in the best of your shape.

Helps increase levels of testosterone and estrogens’

Testosterones and estrogens are the two hormones in men and women respectively that help ignite passions when it comes to having sex. The more you indulge in sex with your spouse, more will be the hormones formed to help you attain the ultimate pleasure and be in good health too.

Next time you go to bed with your spouse, remember the above listed benefits and relish the feel of togetherness.




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