Health and beauty benefits of sex we thought you should know of

Women love to pamper themselves with all kinds of things like skin care creams, beauty regimes, parlors and cosmetics to look and feel younger. Some women feel that visiting the parlor and the slimming centers will make them look and feel better and healthier. However, not all people know that another great method to bring back the glow in your face is through a great sex life with your partner. Sex makes you feel great, invigorated, and fascinating. A daily and regular sex life has great benefits for your health as well as your looks. Let us see the different benefits of sex which will help you to look and feel great.

Keeps your skin glowing

Keeps your skin glowing

Sex can create miracles on your skin. It helps in increasing the circulation in blood, and pumps oxygen to the heart and skin, which helps your skin glow. Regular sex can also help you look 10 times younger. The wrinkles, pimples and dark circles can also be removed because of sex, which helps in tightening the collagen of the skin.

Gives great hair

Few hormones are released by having regular sex. These hormones help to improve the hair condition. Research has proved that a regular sex life helps in growing lustrous and shiny hair. This is mainly because of the circulation of blood in your scalp.

Helps reducing stress

Regular sex helps in great blood circulation to all parts of your body. Along with daily exercise, sex also helps to control your weight and blood pressure and also lower the stress levels.

Increases immunity

Regular sex also helps in increasing immunity and resistance of your body. This is because sex helps one to increase the immunoglobin levels of the body.Immunoglobin helps to fight cough and cold and different infections as well.

Improves heart

Improves heart

Researchers have proven that men who at least have sex two times a week, have a lower risk of heart diseases. It helps in increasing the blood circulation to the heart which prevents one from having heart attacks.

Good and clear skin

Regular sex also helps in prevention of acne and pimples because of smooth blood flow in all the organs of our body.

Helps to control weight

Along with regular exercise, regular sex helps to control as well as reduce weight. You would be amazed that, an hour of sex burns 170 calories.

Helps to toughen nails

The hormones that are released due to regular sex help our skin as well as nails to glow and be strong. This means less of broken nails, and less of splitting and manicures.

Acts as a great painkiller

Acts as a great painkiller

Have you ever wondered why our headache disappears after an hour of sex? Oxytocin which is released by the body while having sex helps in reducing headaches and body aches. Healthy sex also helps to heal wounds and sores faster. So next time you have a headache, make sure your partner is beside you.

Keeps us hydrated

Sex helps in improving circulation, and retaining the moisture content in our body.

Fights cancer

Regular ejaculation or masturbation helps guys to reduce prostate cancer by a great percentage and woman to reduce breast cancer as well.

Fights cavity

Fights cavity

Sperm contain products like calcium, zinc, and minerals which help in reducing tooth decay. So absorption of sperm helps to reduce cavity.

Sex helps us to get a good sleep because of all the exertion. No wonder people fall sleep right after they have had sex.

Improves your figure:

Sex also helps you get all those voluptuous curves as well!

Very few people know that regular sex helps in producing healthy sperm both in man and woman. Frequency in sex helps increase the healthy sperm count and quality. The sperm helps a woman to fight depression and boosts energy. No wonder people say that a pregnant woman glows!

Last but not the least; sex helps you to increase the bond between you and your partner.

These are the benefits of sex to maintain a healthy and great life.

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