How should women deal with male Sexual Dysfunction

With the advancement of women empowerment in the society, women have started demanding more attention from men. In their sexual lives, they demand recognition of their sexuality apart from the basic contented sex they earlier demanded for. So what is the impact of male dysfunction in such a scenario today? If you are a women in that position what will be you reaction? How will you react if your partner is having erection issues and your sex life is on a downward slope?


Modern Women and Sexuality

So the first question is how important is satisfying sex in your relationship? If you are of the view that the importance is minimal, then you are way wrong. The reason for this is because surveys have proved over and again that relationships work out, to an extent of 90%, only if the sexual lives of both the partners are satisfying.

The surveys conducted have further proved that the three out of every four women support this idea. Nearly 30% of the women under the survey were of the view that their sexual life instils in them a level of confidence and relaxation.

Apart from the physical pleasure derived, a great sexual relationship further strengthens the bond between partners. Based on the survey results some are of the view that spontaneity can improve their sex life while some believe in open communication with partners. However, the views on improving sex life vary widely with age group and culture.


Erection Issues and Modern Women

In the modern society, women are sexually liberated and they consider spontaneity in sex rather important. In such a case, if they are faced with male dysfunction or a rather dissatisfying sex life how will they tackle it? In surveys conducted, one out of every five women has agreed that they have faced erectile dysfunction in their partners within a time span of one year.

A rather surprising fact is the only half of these women talked to their partners regarding this issue, even if about 76% believed that this was going to affect their relationship negatively. This issue further confirms the lack of communication between partners regarding erectile dysfunction.


It was also found that Latin American woman who place great importance in medicinal values encouraged their partners to consult a specialist when faced with such problems. Those who have undergone a treatment for the same, it was told that 72% of the women found the results satisfactory.

Furthermore, women aged below 35 encouraged their partners for consultation after and open conversation with them. Those aged above 50 were rather ignorant regarding the treatments available and they were very shy to speak up with their partners.

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