How to balance Sex Life and Work Life?

How to balance Sex Life and Work Life

How to have a balance between work life and sex life? You might have found asking yourself this question umpteen times. City life can get to anybody. It is hard and excruciating on one’s mental and physical health. Maintaining a sex life in such condition becomes a task. So, how does one walk the thin line between work life and sex life? Here are a few tips that might help!

Weekends and Sex Life!

Weekends and Sex LifeIf you do not have time during the weekdays, take time out for your partner during weekends and holidays. Ensure that you pamper them and give them enough love and care during these days.

Joint Workout Sessions

If you don’t have time during the day, inculcate sex in your workout session and time your workout session together. This way, you will get to make up for the time you are missing on and you will also get to have sex during the day.

Work in the same Office

COUPLE DARK SIDEIf you are in the same field, then working in the same office will do wonders for you. You can sneak in small moments and add spark to your entire day. However, you must make sure that it does not affect your work.

Write Love Letters to Each Other

Love letters have a fancy old school charm to them and can set off a spark like no other. You must ascribe to this idea at least ones and experience the wonders it can work. It can bring back the balance in your work life and sex life in no time.

Find Ways to be Around Each Other

Romantic dinner concept. Kissing, unclothe and undressing. Indoor, kitchen home interior, studio shot.Do not let work stop you from being around your partner. Find ways such as work from home or catching up at a common location in order to keep things going. This is a very common problem and there is nothing that won’t fix it.

Go For Couple’s Therapy

Who knows there is something deeper than you know that is disturbing your relationship and couple’s therapy might unravel it. Take that bold, life changing step and go for couple’s therapy. You will start seeing a change in your sex life in no time.

Prioritize yourselves as Individuals

Happy couple in love relaxing in a hot tub at the spa.

Sometimes something as simple as not spending enough time with yourself can be the root cause of the problem. Give yourself enough ‘me’ time so that when its time to spend with your partner, you are happy, confident, and refreshed.


If nothing works, juggle the two like they were a necessity. Ensure that you are giving time to your partner along with your work. Sometimes, juggling is the only way one can get out of a sticky wicket. Do not play tricks here and juggle sincerely.

Make it Run of the Mill

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If you do not have time to spice things up or try new things, ensure that your run of the mill sex is intact. In fact, a run of the mill sex life is a good thing to have. For, it will mean you have something going for you.

Take Advantage of Situations

Sometimes you unknowingly find yourself in romantic situations even if you don’t intend it. Use these situations and tap them to their full potential. Sometimes the results of such situations can be very surprising.

Accidents Happen

Accidental sex is the best sexAccidental sex is the best sex. You will only have these if you are able to give enough time to your partner. Go on a holiday together or spend a weekend in bed at home. Prioritize your partner over other things.

Everyone wishes that they could have as much sex as they liked. Often, you would even take your partner for granted just because they are always available for you. Try not to deprioritize your partner. Having someone in bed is a privilege and you should exploit that to the fullest. Do not take your partner for granted. Once you gain this much clarity, things become quite easy. The importance of work life and sex life is not lost upon you.

If you do not pay attention to the small things well in time, they get complicated later. This even creates problems in your romantic life. Having a healthy appetite for sex is good. However, you need a find a balance between work life and sex life; one should not affect the other.

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