How to deal with a curved penis during erection and ways to correct this problem

curved penis

Overall, around 4% of men suffer with a condition that results in a curved or bent penis. This is not only embarrassing for them, but for some it is also painful. In the healthcare industry, bent penis correction is a big business.

Is this a diseases or a condition?

curved penis

This is not a disease but in fact, the reason why this happens is due to a non-symmetrical tissue. When a man’s penile tissue is uneven, it results into a curved or bent penis. Although having this problem does not mean that you may have penile cancer, but getting yourself checked for it is always a good idea. Even doctors are left baffled since during the examination, there is nothing out of the ordinary.

How does this problem occur?

aggressive masturbation

One of the main reasons why a man may develop uneven penile skin is due to aggressive masturbation. Generally, this happens when he uses the same hand all the time while masturbating. Another reason why this can happen is due to wearing too much of tight clothing. In situations like those that the two mentioned above, it causes one side of the skin to be a little longer while shortens the other side.

How can this be fixed?


There are various ways to help a person suffering from a bent or curved penis fix the problem. Depending on how serious the condition is, the doctor may recommend

  • Extenders / traction devices – known to be safe and effective, it gives the best result. The doctor may recommend this economical method. The devices are easily available in the market and do not require much money.
  • Pills and pumps – Your doctor may also prescribe certain pills or a pump depending on the observation and case history. If you are recommended to use a pump, it is always best to ask your doctor the proper way of using it so that you do not worsen your problem,
  • Exercises – another safe method, penile exercises have shown positive results when followed carefully. Although in comparison to the penile traction, the effectiveness of the exercises lies on how regularly you do it and the method you use.
  • Injections – This is a costly method and results in scarring around the area where the bend is. It is moderately effective in comparison to any other method.
  • Surgery – The most costly method of correction, if you opt for a surgery, your penis can end up being smaller. You would have to be careful because post surgery you may develop other problems like loss of feeling, erectile dysfunction and even impotency.

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