How to Deal with Vaginal Dryness

The problem of vaginal dryness is increasing day by day and there are numerous women across the world who are living with it, without even knowing about it. However, there are many options to cure vaginal dryness. Vaginal dryness is a very common disease that can be cured with a little bit of help. It becomes uncomfortable if the vagina dries up completely and sex also becomes a problem if the vaginal passage is not smooth and slippery. Here are some simple tips by which one can reduce the dryness of the vagina.

Drink abundant water

Drinking lots of water is a good solution for vaginal dryness. Sometimes dryness of the vagina occurs due to dehydration. It is important to keep the vagina lubricated all the time. Woman who consume too much of alcohol or caffeine also face the problem of dehydration. So, it is important to keep yourself lubricated with water.

Use gentle products in your vagina

While bathing, make sure that you are using products that are gentle on the skin. Your vagina is a very sensitive place. There are various feminine products that are available in the market like body soap, deodorants and perfumed talc’s. Avoid things that are too much perfumed. Also avoid bubble baths. Try using glycerin soaps which are pH balanced. Vaginal dryness will definitely be reduced to a great level.

Eat healthy

Eating right will help you to deal with vaginal dryness. Ensure that you are having a healthy diet, rich in fruits and vegetables along with protein. Healthy diet helps the body to generate estrogen which in turn will help you to be lubricated. Too much fatty food is not recommended.

Use lubricants

If you feel that you are feeling too dry, use natural lubricants like KY jelly that have been specially formulated for your vagina. One can also use Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin E or almond oil.


Hormone treatment

There are some women who take the help of hormone therapy if they are suffering from vaginal dryness for a long time. Phytoestrogens are very helpful hormones which have been used for years. Plants such as red clover, kudzu and black cohosh are great for vaginal dryness.

There are medicated creams that can be used for treatment of vaginal dryness. Before applying the same take advice from your doctor. Women with vaginal dryness need not be miserable for life. With little bit of extra care, they can get rid of the same.


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