How to Make Sex Playful and Fun

Make Sex Playful and Fun

Do you want to break the monotony in your sex life? Bring your partner with you because here, you will find a way to make sex playful and fun.

Is sex important?

Yes, sex plays a vital role in spicing up your relationship. You don’t want to carry on with the same old sex talk and habits. This post seeks to light your bulb on a few strategies to elevate your sex game.

1. Quit seeing your bed as a stage

sexual fantasy

This is where most couples go wrong. Your bed is not a stage. As such, you need to find ways to ease yourself so that you are not too cautious of the happenings and worry yourselves sick on whether you are doing it as they do it in movies.

It helps to find common ground where both of you communicate about your sexual fantasies and desires. That way, you go there knowing what your partner expects to feel. At the end of it all, you will both experience pleasure.

2. Find out new ways of touch each other

The word touch depicts the use of hands.  Now is the time to spice your modes of touching each other. You don’t have to rely on hands alone. You could rub your bodies against one another in a way that elevates the sexual desire you have for each other.

During the foreplay, you could use your thighs to rub your partner’s groins as you kiss them passionately on their lips or neck.

You could also get yourselves some props, like feathers, and lightly rub those against them playfully from their lips all the way down.

You could also spank them on the buttocks. It gives a perfect sensation and makes sex exciting.

3. Incorporate a few sex toys

Different sex toys

Sex toys are an excellent way to spice up your sex life.  The use of adult toys gives you and your partner room to stimulate each other. Also, you could use products that aid in stimulating each other. Most of these products are readily available in an online sex shop and can be ordered discretely.

4. Give your partner options

Let them choose between hard and soft strokes. Do it repeatedly and note how they respond. While at it, assumes the voice of whatever role you are playing. You could choose roles like a sexy teacher, sexy nurse, or even a bad pirate. This will cheer both of you up and make the moments unforgettable.

5. Ask your partner to state when they feel good about what you are doing

Playful sex

Whether ridding them or touching them, you could do it gently while increasing the speed and pressure. While at it, you could ask your partner to state when they are feeling good about it.

This brings about some sexual tension that makes the moment intense and creates room for the receiver to state how they feel. It aids the receiver in ascertaining what feels good from what doesn’t.

6. Tell them to call you names

You could ask your partner to say your name or tell them to call you daddy, mummy, angel, whatever works for you. That way, you will engage with each other and have so much fun while doing it.

Wrapping it up

Having all the fun you want in your sex life depends on how vigilant you will be in embracing the above insight.

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