Ideas and tips that make woman-on-top sex positions even more thrilling

Traditionally, it is the man who is in charge of the bedroom scenario as he takes initiative for sex and is on top of you. A woman, however, can turn the tables anytime with a little courage and expertise. The woman-on-top sex positions not only give a woman the feeling of control but also excite the man and make him feel loved.

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Men love their women to be in charge and take control of the pace of sexual intercourse as it gives them a chance to rest their backs after a long working day. They also like to see the wilder side of their partners. Most sexologists believe that if women take initiatives for sex occasionally, their men will feel wanted. By being on top, you will be able to lengthen the intercourse and surprise him by changing the pace abruptly. But, if you have never done it before or don’t know how to master the woman on top position then follow the tips discussed in the following for your benefit.

Prepare for the session:

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If you have decided to take control of your man’s body during sex tonight, then you better prepare for it. Take a shower without drenching your hair. Tie your hair behind your back in a horsetail or ponytail. In the porn films, it looks sexy how the girls flip their hair while being on top, but all that is good just for the reel. In real life, you will have to work hard while on top of your man. It will make you sweat and your hair will stick on your face. Use mildly scented body lotions on your hands and armpits for smelling attractive.

Go slow in the beginning:

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A woman who is a pro in performing on top of her man will tell you how important it is to start slow. By going too fast from the very beginning, the session will be over too soon for enjoyment. Instead, you should move in gentle, circular motions and feel him inside you, which are very sensual for both the partners. Then start grinding him without lifting your butt much. The idea here is to be in sync with each other. By being in sync you will be able to connect on a deeper level. Once you two feel comfortable in the cozy position then increase the speed accordingly.

Try different moves:


There are mainly two different types of movements that you can enjoy while on top. The first is moving up and down in a steady vertical motion. This type of movement will help you increase the pace or decrease the pace as you please. The vertical movement gives you better grip on the penis. For more intimate enjoyment, lean down on your partner’s body and move your body horizontally. The to and fro thrusts are deeper but if the amount of lubrication increases as juices start flowing out of your vagina it will be a little bit difficult to maintain the grip.

Touch more, kiss more:

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You will have access to most of his body parts. Massage his shoulders while on top and lean down to kiss him. Suck his under-lip because when it is stimulated the penis too feels the sensations. Also rub his chest and let him grapple your breasts. Love making is all about touches and sensations. It is also about warmth and showing how much you adore your partner. Romance your partner, make eye contact and pass a flirty smile. Moan with him to show your passion.

Woman on top gives a female control over her man’s body and lets her lead the sexual sessions. Start slow and build up the friction for prolonging the sensation.

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