Improve Your Sex Life with These Adult Toys for the Bedroom

Love is a really complicated subject. There are so many iterations of this concept; it can be hard to presume which one is true. Most cultures around the world have their own definition of what true love is. The scientific community may have an explanation of how it happens, but the why can be a bit of a gray area. There is also the difference between platonic, romantic and all other kinds of love. According to this article, that concept is just by the Greeks and there are numerous others that create a love spectrum. However, in this case, we will be talking about the romantic type.

Most of us have experienced this kind of love. It might be reciprocated or otherwise, but we have gone through it. Some of us may not be lucky enough to find the love of their lives, while others have found multiple and still looking for the rest. It can be an entire lifetime of searching or one would just meet the other in a serendipitous way. In the modern world, the internet has made it easier to meet another person even if they are miles apart. Stories of couples fighting against the odds have permeated our culture, and it has always made a difference in many others.

Give in To Your Craving

There is one part of romantic love that is always in the middle of a controversy: the physical aspect. It is also known as sex, and it is the most primal aspect of being in love. There are a lot of reasons and explanations why most of us feel it. One of the classic explanations is because of procreation. Opposite sex couples feel it because it is a natural instinct to mate and produce children in the end. It can also be just a simple need, as it is a part of being together with another person.

Let’s face it, there are already many people who have experienced it at least once in their lives. It is not inherently a bad thing as it is a part of the human physiology. The desire for another person can be healthy or unhealthy, but that doesn’t change the feeling. It is just similar but in varying intensities. Sex will always be a part of any couple’s lives, whether they are official or otherwise. It is a primal act for reaching mutual pleasure, and procreation can be just a part of the process.

There are even times when couples would want to spice things up in a relationship. The usual vanilla kind of romance is alright since that’s what most people expect to have. We are now in the new time. The new decade is already starting. Sexual adventurism is always welcome for people who want to try out something new. It can be a new position, act or some kink that was left unexplored due to various reasons. This is why there is a prevalence of sex toys in the market these days. Try visiting to learn more about it.

More Toys, More Fun

1. Vibrator

VibratorIn this certain category, these are electric ones that can stimulate pleasure to your partner. You just need to insert this vaginally (or anally with some models) and then turn it on. The person would feel the spasms from their pleasure points throughout their body. It can attack all of your senses at once, and if put in the right position, can give overwhelming pleasure. There are even some models in which the vibrations can be controlled by a remote device. You can increase or decrease the vibrations depending on your whim, which can heighten the experience.

2. Handcuffs and Blindfolds

These are for couples who want to explore their kinks and roleplay. This isn’t really for physical stimulation; it is just the psychological effect of being in or under control. Using both of these can also be considered as the gateway to BDSM as you can start exploring here. However, it should always be consensual play. The handcuffs can really be restricting especially if you do not know how to use or choose them properly. They should be lined with a soft material so that any chance of injury will be minimized. The blindfolds should easily be removed as well by the person. 

3. Dildos and Anal Plugs

Dildos and Anal PlugsDildos are phallic-shaped silicone tubes that are modeled after a real penis. Anal plugs, on the other hand, are usually used for preparing someone for anal play. Both heterosexual and homosexual relationships can do anal play as long as you are aware of what you are going to do. Dildos can also be used to prepare the partner especially if the one who will penetrate has a rather large tool. It can also be used for self-exploration as you can enjoy it all on your own. With a partner, you can now explore other kinks that involve penetration.

4. Nipple Clamps

Now this is the one that is really a crossover into the BDSM side. It will involve some pain play, as the nipples of both sexes can be really sensitive. It is to be noted though that women have generally more sensitive than that of men. However, clamps can be used for both sexes as another type of stimulation while having sex. A combination of this and your usual sex can lead to some phenomenal experiences if both of the partners enjoy them.

If I ask you a simple question – what are these sex toys made of. Your answer would surely be Plastic. Nevertheless, you must know that in most Sex Toys, chemicals are added to make the plastic tender and imparts it flexibility. That chemical family is Phthalates.

Phthalates in Sex Toys: Harmful or Not?

Sex ToyThey provide that much sought after realistic feel to the Sex Toys. Therefore, most of the toy manufacturers do not refrain from its use. However, not all Sex Toys consists Phthalates, as you may come across many intimate toys that are Phthalates free. Apart from Sex Toys, the Phthalates have found a wide spread usage in cars, perfumes, hair sprays and many other items we use on daily basis. Firstly, manufactured in the 1920’s, the Phthalates today are omnipresent. You can find them wherever plastic finds usage.Recently, the use of Phthalates in Sex Toys has raved up a controversy, as environment activists and human health activists are targeting these toys as a big environment and health hazard. They are of the view that using Phthalates is detrimental to environment and human health. They are of the notion that the use of Phthalates in Sex Toys is especially dangerous. Phthalates are soaked by the body from the plastic and get deposited in the layers of skin, respiratory system and even our nervous system. The companies that are responsible for manufacturing these toys have a different story to relate. They cite the relevance of Phthalates in a wide scale usage in products people use on daily basis. They cite a new study that reveals the non-depository properties of Phthalates. The study done by an American institute says that the residues gets washed off the body and does not deposit there for long. Summary The use of Phthalates in sex toys has rendered them the “The Pleasure Factor” that has enabled many of us to enchant ourselves and fulfill our sexual fantasies. Nevertheless, if you are employing these toys to give yourself a blissful moment, then maintain caution that they are Phthalate free. Many of the sex toy giants are refraining from manufacturing and selling the sex toys that contain Phthalates. After all, it is your life, better play safe.

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