Is Erectile Dysfunction Common? Stats, Reasons, and Therapy

Is Erectile Dysfunction Common

Erectile dysfunction is a problem in maintaining the erection for satisfying sex. It may occur at any age and disrupt sex life and relation between you and your partner. The clinician will be able to identify erectile dysfunction. In this issue, you will comprehend all about ED.


Doctor-consulting-with-young-manSpecialists recognize that ED is common and the perilupsurges with age. It is a common sexual dysfunction affecting males. In the clinical studies, it was found that more than 50 percent of males suffer from ED and it is prevalent in 70-40 years. Also, in another clinical study, it was stated that males at a young age under 40 also suffer from ED.

If you experience the problem sometimes then there is no need to get tensed. If the difficultcontinues for aextensiveperiod then you must chat to a doctor. They can prescribe you medicine such as Cenforce 100.

Causes of ED

At the time of excitement, the penis muscles get relaxed and blood flow in the penis gets enhanced. The blood gets filled in spongy tissue. If the problem happens in the process then you suffer from ED. The various causes of ED are illicit drug use, smoking, alcohol use, diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, obesity, blocking blood vessels, metabolic syndrome, sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, and relationship issues.

Risk factors

overweight maleThe people have a high chance of developing ED

  • Age- Age is the primary risk, it is more common in old males than young males.
  • Diabetes- It causes nerve damage and circulation issue.
  • Obesity- The overweight males have a high risk of ED.
  • Depression- There is a direct link between ED and depression. Also, ED can lead to depression.
  • Other risk factors- The males with less physical activity, smoke, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, high cholesterol, and levels of testosterone.

Treatment methods

The treatment is offered for the cause of erectile dysfunction. They will enquire you to yield Fildena 100.

  • Improve lifestyle habits- Regular exercise helps to improve overall health. If ED occurs due to obesity, inactivity, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, and heart disease then 160 minsof weekly aerobic activity help to reduce ED. Alcohol use and quitting smoking with a healthy diet are also ways to improve ED outcomes.
  • Medicines- Many medicines are used to treat erectile dysfunction. The clinician can ask you to consume Vidalista 20. The consultant can also ask you to consume testosterone replacement therapy.
  • Talk therapy- Talk therapy is an important therapy that will help to overcome depression, stress, anxiety, and PTSD.
  • Penis pumps– The vacuum erection pump gets fits on the penis. The alteration in air pressure stimulates the erection.
  • Surgery- Surgery is one of the options if anything doesn’t work.


Closeup of couple with relationship problemsErectile dysfunction can lead to relationship issues between you and your partner. You may sense quite uncomfortable to express your spouse that you are misery from ED. However, you must talk to your partner and tell about your problem to her. She will also assistance you to overwhelmed the issue of ED.

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buying medicines online

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Erectile dysfunction is quite a common disorder. The problem of erection is quite normal to experience sometimes but if it continued to remain for a long period then you must take treatment from the doctor.  The male suffering from ED suffers from disrupted sex life and relationship issues. If you think that you have ED then the doctor can help to understand the underlying cause and provide the treatment accordingly.

We appreciate that you are travail from ED. In this editorial, you will get to discern everything about ED. If you think that you have ED then seek the consultation of the doctor. They will suggest performing daily exercises and reducing weight. The weight can be reduced by being physically active. Also, you must limit alcohol use, drug use, and tobacco intake.

The doctor will prescribe to buy Fildena 100 which can be purchased from Pillspalace. It will help to get genuine medicines at the best price. Also, the payment can be done through any mode.  Hence, if you are woe from ED then  visit to the doctor. You can purchase tablets online with comfort and get free distribution at your home. Just add medicines to the cart and you will get quick delivery.

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