Some viable advice, not just sex positions

Sex can be crazy

Sex can be as crazy as possible and as boring as one could imagines. To make your sex life boring or interesting is in the hands of partners. Here we have compiled a list of craziest, raunchiest and some Kamasutra sex and love advices for your pleasure.

Craziest Sex and Love Advice

Craziest Sex

Many woman love going to gym and do exercise to have a nice flat abs. However, there are some exercises, which can lead to orgasm and this type of orgasm is referred to as coregasms. Although, it is not very common, but many women have experience it by doing the core exercises.

Though it is said that a sexy touch by the partner can arouse you, but a study revealed that music can be sexier and help you arouse much more than your partners touch. There are some sexy music tracks, which have been able to arouse the woman better then the touch of their partner. So, be bit cautious next time when your spouse is listening to the music.

Though loyalty says that you should not sleep with anyone else except your partner, but a study revealed that many women like to sleep with stranger rather than their partner. They like to try our different partners to go in bed with them. They also prefer having sex in front of other person.

It was believed that redder the vagina, the more the man likes it. However, it is not true now. Color of vagina does not affect the attraction of man towards a woman. Men prefer to have women with pinker vagina color.

You may be in relationship for years and the romance can easily turn into sex, but you need to control yourself to have a healthy relationship in the later stages of life. It has been observed that those who waited for the right time for having sex enjoyed life in a better way than who had sex on their first date.

There is no time for sex. You can have it during night, in morning or at midnight. There are different people who enjoy sex at different time of the day. There is nothing to worry if you are having sex at odd times. Do it the way you like to revamp your sex and love life. 

Raunchiest sex advice that comes from experienced therapists

sex therapist

Unfortunately, not all sex therapists are equally qualified to handle delicate sex life issues. There are few ways of tackling sex life disorders before spending tons of money on hours of sexual consultations. In the following some of the best tips of highly experienced sex therapists have been assorted for your benefit.

Don’t let sex become a chore

Don’t let sex become a chore

Busy couples sometimes schedule time for sex. This can make you feel as if sex is a household chore and not an enjoyable, relaxing act. Instead of marking the calendars be more playful and drop hints about desiring sex. If the kids are sleeping or not at home you two can have sex at unconventional times like after lunch or early in the mornings. When it comes to sex all time is a good time.

Don’t think of the end result

sexual pleasure

Sexual disorders are often caused by the unnecessary importance people give to the crescendo or orgasm. Orgasm is the pick of sexual pleasure but sex is not all about orgasms. Learn to enjoy the entire process and not just the outcome. Explore new ways through which you can pleasure each other even without having vaginal intercourse. Warm hug, massages, and even playing footsie are intimate acts associated with physical pleasure which you should not overlook.

Create the right ambience

Create the right ambience

Let the sexual energy flow and encapsulate the two of you together. For this, you must create a nice environment inside the bedroom. Make sure that the bed linens are clean and clean up the mess. Tidying the bedroom and lighting a few aroma candles will definitely change the mood and make your partner more interested in romance. Make a rule of never bringing work inside the bedroom. If you or your partner needs to finish urgent projects, it can be done in the living room or kitchen.

Explore your naughtier side

Explore your naughtier side

There is no harm in revealing your darkest desires and unleashing the sex diva in you. Flirting and sexting can keep your relationship healthy. Bring home sex toys from your next business trip and wear sexy lingerie which you used to consider too bold beforehand. Break the mould and try something new for reviving the excitement once more. 

Sexual disorders are often caused by lack of communication and understanding. Couples should invest more time in relishing each other’s company and express their sexual desires fearlessly for building happier relationships. 

Kamasutra is more than just sex positions

Kamasutra Amazon pose

Kamasutra is a collection of seven books written many centuries ago by an Indian sage Vatsayana Mallanaga, and is famous for the information it contains regarding different styles of fornication and sexual techniques. Most people have no idea that Kamasutra also contains lots of information about maintaining marital relationships, choosing the right partner, and maintaining sexual health.

Kamasutra describes how the Lord Brahma created men and women. It categorizes men and women based on their lingam and yoni respectively. It also describes the importance of marriage and marital duties for the generations to come. Another necessary aspect covered by Kamasutra is the personality types of men and women and their characteristics. Vatsayana not only enlightened us about the different sexual positions for deriving pleasure but also provided guidance for maintaining a healthy relationship. He perceived sexual intercourse as the binding force in any mature relationship between man and woman. Sex is definitely a vital part of love and Kamasutra tells us how to keep the fire of passion ignited by bringing variety the the bed.

Kamasutra says that the temperament of men and women decide if they are suitable for each other. It indicates that if the partners are not sexually compatible with each other then serious problems can ensue. It is evident that sexual dissatisfaction often leads to breakups and even divorces.

Kamasutra Dolphin pose

In earlier days, usually people opted for arranged marriage. Most women had little sexual experience before entering holy matrimony. Sexual inexperience and little knowledge about satiating the sexual cravings of men made it difficult for them to enjoy conjugal life. They were also unaware about their own capacity of deriving pleasure from sexual intercourse. Lack of knowledge and experience led to discontent and problems in their life after marriage. Kamasutra’s advices help women and men in forming clearer idea about sex.

Boring sex life is a killjoy and it is often behind the dissipation of relationships. The techniques outlined by Vatsayana helps in rejuvenating sexual passion and heightening enjoyment. The Kamasutra also suggests methods for strengthening sexual health. The soul is definitely important and mental connection is the basis of love but physical appearance is also crucial for keeping the partner attracted. Relationship advices and insights offered by Kamasutra can enrich the life of modern couples.

Kamasutra is generally seen as a book that offers info about fornication styles but it also helps couples in building a healthy relationship through pragmatic advices.

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