Know the Ins and Outs of the Catherine Wheel Kama Sutra Sex Position

The Kama sutra is a book of erotica written by the Indians around 40 BC. It contains detailed instructions on how to be a citizen, how to dress, how to speak, how to move, how to attract men, how to seduce them and how to arouse them in beds every night so that he thinks of no one but you. It is a leash that you wind around your man and take him whenever, whatever and whoever you like. Knowledge of the Kama sutra is one of the most valuable things for a woman. There are a lot of positions In the Kama sutra for inserting the penis in the vagina. Some are acrobatic and requires a gymnast’s body and skill to perform, but some are easy and simple. The Catherine Wheelis an exotic but easy position that makes sex long, sensuous and unforgettable.

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In the Catherine Wheel,you sit down on the bed opposite to each other. You and your partner both spread your legs exposing the penis and vagina. A little finger stimulation would be useful at this point to make you more wet and making penetration easier. You place your legs on either side of your partner’s hip so that you encircle him with your legs. Then you slowly and carefully insert the penis into your wet vagina. Once that is done, he crosses his leg over your thigh so that his foot is touching his other knee. Both of you then support yourselves with your hands; both in case of you and one elbow in case of him. You then move forward and backward or up and down depending on the flexibility and power of your muscles.


It is a position that allows full penetration to the utmost depth of the vagina. This is a fixed position and immovable but he can touch your breasts and your nipples with his free hand. On the other hand, you have the pleasure of looking him in the eye and observe his face as he makes love to you. He may also stimulate your clitoris with the hand, or caress your back. No one has clear control in this position and it is specifically designed for slow and sensual sex, softly rubbing yourself against each other and approaching orgasm steadily. It can also be used as recovery sex after a passionate and violent bout of sex. This position can be used for anal sex as well.

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Care must be taken that the penis is fully erect and hard otherwise penetration becomes difficult. The bending of the knees and the odd position of the legs and torso may also cause some joint pain afterwards in your bones and muscles. It is a position of courtesan love not benevolent sex and must be treated so.


For those experienced in the art of making love, this position is highly recommended. Those with bulky bodies or stiff limbs should not try this. For two experienced people, this is a perfect position. It is also recommended to amateurs who are lean and fit as they will gain an experience hitherto unachieved.

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