All you should know about Paraphilia

Sexual practices are many and some of them are still being evolved. People all over the world practice different types of sexual practices that are both normal and abnormal. They claim to get pleasure by these practices and that is why most of these sexual practices are, more or less, popular. Bisexuality and Homosexuality are two common sexual practices which evolved earlier, but they are given a legalized status in many countries across the world.

 sexual sadism disorder

Paraphilia is usually defined as unusual fantasies or behaviors which are practiced for more or less than six months before being declared as clinical mental troubles or they are accepted as professional and social change. This definition is accepted by Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. These sexual fantasies may be practiced by only one person in the society or by many. Initially, these paraphilic practices are discouraged by the society but the opinion changes after a certain period of time and these practices get accepted as it happened in the case of Homosexuality and Bisexuality. However, the law takes its own course in case these practices become violent and they hurt the people in the process.


Common paraphilic actions include the following sexual practices:

Bondage: This is brutal as the person facing sexual practice is tied with ropes or chains because of his/ her disagreement with it. This practice can be a form of rape where sexual relationship is tried without one’s consent.

Fetishism: This is a practice in which a person uses various objects or actions to ignite someone else’s sexual desires. These actions or objects vary from one place to another.

Sexual sadism or Masochism: This situation takes place when a person gets sexually excited because of certain limits of sufferings and/or agony of humiliation. A sense of sexual revenge develops in the attitude of the person suffering from Masochism.


Zoophilia: This paraphilic practice is truly very much nasty and that is why it is not accepted by many. This practice takes the people to the animals and makes them involve into sexual relationship with animals like horses, dogs, and many such animals that are intimate to the human behaviors. This practice is punishable by imprisonment of 2-3 years.

Transvestism: This is a practice which make people dress like people of opposite sex. This is mainly found in the men who dress like a woman and behaves like one before igniting his sexual relationship with a man. This is a type of fantasy that occurs mainly when the person develops a problem with his sexual identity.

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