Knowing the most common sexual misconceptions

Sex is something that has been kept under wraps since ages. The “civilized” world still nurses myths and misconceptions regarding sex.  These myths and misconceptions are detrimental in your quest to achieve a blissful sex life. Interestingly these myths are not just prevalent among the illiterate masses but also find its way into the highly educated and affluent society. You could also be the victim of these misconceptions and may be on the course of ruining your personal life and causing marital disharmony.


Size does matter

The bigger the size of the penis, the better the results would be. There is a big misconception regarding the size of the Penis. Many men and women, even in this age of information are still misguided and maintain that the size of the penis has a role to play in their sexual activity.

However, this does not hold any worth in the eyes of modern day sexologist. If you ask me, what matters to women more than size of your manhood, I would probably answer that true love and respect matters more to them. You spouse needs care, love and your attention. It is a fact that biology supports that the average size of the penis is 5 inches and the depth of vagina is 6 inches. Therefore, it is for you to infer that the size of your penis is more than enough to satisfy your spouse.


First Intercourse does not make me Pregnant

First Intercourse does not make me pregnant is another misconception that is supported by many women and adolescent girls. Ladies, it hardly matters you are having sex for the first time or millionth time, if you are not using protection your chances of getting pregnant are quiet high. So, do not take your first sex lightly and have sex only when you are well protected against pregnancy.


Condoms are not for meant for me


This is another misconception that has been responsible for the spread of diseases, which are transmitted sexually, including HIV/AIDS. I strongly recommend you to wear condom whenever you make sex as it not only acts as a deterrent to STD and HIV/AIDS but also helps you to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Use a condom, even if you are having sex with a healthy looking woman. STDs are curable but not HIV/AIDS. So condoms are meant for you.


I can treat my sexual weakness with Sex Tonics

If you are of the view that you can overcome your sex problems with the use of Sex Tonics, then you are living in a fool’s paradise. According to experts, you do not need Sex Tonics. These tonics may prove to be harmful in the long run.  As most of the sexual problems are related to your mind and not your sex organs.


These myths and misconceptions are based upon ignorance.  Only the right kind of information and knowledge can save your personal life, from heading towards the doom that seems so inevitable. Therefore, I took an opportunity to acquaint you with the facts behind misconceptions that can save the day for you.

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