Mafatlal: Sex change not for property

Scion of the Mafatlal family, 48-year-old Ajay Mafatlal has categorically denied that he underwent a sex change operation to gain access to a 10,000 sq ft flat at Altamount Road.

The Mafatlal family is embroiled in a bitter property dispute, with one son Atulya and his socialite wife Sheetal on the one side and the Mafatlal matriarch Madhuri (72) and the other son Ajay ranged against them.

Breaking his silence on his controversial personal life for the first time, Ajay Mafatlal said: “I haven’t changed my sex for the property. I had the mannerisms of a boy since I was six years old and underwent the change for personal reasons.”

Earlier, the media quoting anonymous sources suggested Ajay, who was earlier Aparna underwent a sex change operation in November 2003 just to get hold of the family property.

News : Economic Times

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