What makes sex so important

Sex seems to be an important part of our life. So many articles are written about healthy sex life and there is so much talk about it that it makes you wonders if sex is really such a big deal. Well, sex is important not just for the human race but also among other species. Sex is necessary for reproduction but that is not the only reason we have sex.


Sexual intimacy is a result of sexual urge. It is as natural as the need of food and water. A lot of people and even religions propagate sexual abstinence and a lot of stigma is associated with sexual activities. The truth is that like hunger, sex is a natural phenomenon. It is essential for the stability of the human civilization.

Many scientists are doing research regarding sexual intimacy, attraction, and love. They have not found the exact reasons behind love but they have uncovered some truth about sex and attraction. The main reasons why we all are bestowed with sexual desire and feel attracted to members of the opposite gender is reproduction. Nature has given us the inbuilt capacity to judge the sexual potential of a member of the opposite sex.


For example, a man feels drawn to women who are thinner near the waist but have wide and ample hips. Such a body structure is considered good for child bearing. Women are drawn towards men with broad shoulders and healthy skin tone because these attributes reflect their potential as a good mating partner. Sexual urge is deep rooted and the ultimate motivation is to take our race forward. Sexual urge is linked with the urge of saving our species from extinction. It can be called a natural reflex.

Our bodies are designed to respond to sexual stimulus and we cannot help it. Sexual intimacy is essential for building a healthy adult relationship with your love interest. The dearth of sexual desire can only be explained by some physical or mental disorder. Suppressing your sexual desires is not a healthy act of abstinence. It stems out of misconceptions and superstitions.

Both men and women have the right to enjoy sex as much as they have the right to enjoy their food. Sexual intimacy and love is the pillar of human civilization. They help to matured individuals make a home and provide healthy ambience for the growth of their offspring.


Sex is important for the stability and sustainability of the human race. It is a natural instinct and you should not ignore or suppress it.

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