Making good use of your fingers to arouse her

Your hands and especially the fingers play a major role in arousing your romantic partner during sex. If you have limited the use of fingers for just touching, groping and holding her during sex then there is a lot more that you haven’t explored. Fingers are your best bet after tongue for arousing her before penetration. Fingering your girl during make out session can get her excited and ready for the next stage, which is intercourse. In the following paragraphs, interesting and easy tips for fingering her have been described.

Maintain hygiene

 vaginal infection

Cleanliness and hygiene can help you score high in the subject of lovemaking. Make sure that your fingers are washed and clean before using them for arousing your partner. Lack of hygiene can lead to the spread of germs and result in vaginal infection. You should also wash your hands after lovemaking.

Gentle stimulation

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Think of yourself as an explorer and proceed carefully. Use your fingers in such a way that they probe and explore her vagina without hurting her much. You may use lubricants for reducing the friction. Before inserting your fingers inside her vagina you will have to get are aroused a little. This will make her vagina wet and lessen the friction. By fingering, you can make her anticipate your penis, and how it will feel during the intercourse. Do not hurry in this stage of foreplay and build the tension up gradually.

Step by step

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Do not inset an entire finger inside her vagina. This will hurt her if she is a virgin. Insert only half of your finger and check her comfort level. If she seems to be enjoying then keep on doing what she likes. Read her body language and increase the pace of your finger movement slowly. If you both have done this before then you may insert two or three fingers together. Another great skill that you can use is stimulating her anus at the same time using your fingers.

Do not neglect the rest of her

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Showing too much eagerness to fingering her and penetration can put your girlfriend off. Shower her other body parts with attention as well. You can kiss her and insert your tongue in her mouth in a to and fro motion that resembles your finger movements. Do not let her reach orgasmic point by fingering alone. After building the tension, you can do as you please and make her crave you like crazy.

Fingering is a great way of arousing a woman. It should be done carefully without hurting the woman and with the help of proper lubricants.

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