All that you need to know for enjoying safe alfresco sex

The caveman has turned into a shaved and suave gentleman, but the old ways of doing things still attract him. Both urban men and women want to enjoy sex outdoors or alfresco sex as it is popularly known. Alfresco sex is thrilling for many reasons. It involves adrenaline and sneaking around.

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Being caught with your long term dating partner or spouse out in the open can be embarrassing. Despite the risks, we cannot ignore the fun and excitement of having sex outdoors. In the following, you will find all necessary tips and guidelines for enjoying alfresco sex shamelessly.

What are the benefits of having alfresco sex?

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The prudent and pragmatic might be wondering why alfresco sex has become so popular. Well, couples around the world are trying to strengthen their bond through sex. Alfresco sex can help them in reviving the fun factor of having sex with monogamous partner.

Normally, after being in a serious relationship for more than 6-7 months the sex life falls into a routine. For couples who are married sex life becomes more boring. It seems sex is more fulfilling when you are afraid of being caught in the action. Outdoor sex can completely change the way you look at monogamous sex. It will bring the spark back in your relationship in no time.

Tips for avoiding trouble while you are at it

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It is true that the fear of getting caught or being seen in coital position is what makes outdoor sex so thrilling but having sex in public spaces can cost you dearly. If you are caught in action, then you may have to pay a huge fine or even go to jail. So, pick a place for enjoying safe al fresco sex so that the police do not catch you or a jealous bystander does not report you.

Another fear is that someone may make your video and circulate it in the net. Be cautious so that your intimate moments do not get posted in porn sites. You may like to experiment with different sex positions but the most convenient of them will be having sex standing. Frontal sex positions limit the amount of exposure comparatively. Also take advantage of the element of surprise. Park your car in an empty blind lane or get cozy in the quiet parking lot.


Outdoor sex or alfresco sex has become popular among young couples who want to rejuvenate their sex life and make it more thrilling. But couples should be careful their choice of place and time while doing it.

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