Our mind reacts the same to sex and chocolates

The ancient Aztecs adored a drink that they considered fit for the divine entities. This drink could give one the energy to walk all day without consuming any food. It was made by crushing the Theobroma Cocoa tree seeds.

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Chocolates have been championed for their health benefits by nurses, cardiologists and health freaks. According to a new scientific study, chocolate triggers the same responses as sex in our brain. Learning new words, sex and chocolate binging stimulates the same spot of our brain.

How chocolate and sex affects our minds?

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Some Spanish and German researchers of Barcelona’s Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute and Otto von Guericke University have formed a team to research on the effect of learning new words on our brain’s core reward center. They have found that the ventral striatum gets activated by the consumption of sugary food like chocolates, drugs and sex.

Previously, it was believed that enhanced number of connections between the neurons is responsible for learning the meanings of new words. Now it seems that positive emotions are also triggered and a feeling of satiation is derived through the activation of ventral striatum. The researchers have tested 36 adults and got magnetic resonance imaging done of their brains. Their research results have been published in the journal named Current Biology.

Chocolate and sex both offers wicked pleasure sensation

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Chocolate makes us feel good because it releases endorphins when consumed. Endorphin is a natural hormone that makes us feel good. It also induces good mood by producing phenylethylamine, which is a neuronal disinhibitor.

Chocolates are considered to be great aphrodisiacs because the neuronal disinhibitor induces a euphoric state of mind which makes arousal possible. It also turns on the pleasure nuclei of our brains and helps in the enjoyment of sexual activities. Sex also improves mood, relaxes and makes one feel happier.

Apart from being a much loved aphrodisiac, chocolate also offers several health benefits. Dark chocolate is not fattening and it can decrease the chances of heart attack by 50%. Eating chocolates also improve blood circulation to the brain. This helps the brain response better to sexual stimulus.

Chocolate and sex affects the same part of the brain and stimulates it. Chocolate is a great aphrodisiac which also offers a bunch of health benefits.

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