Reduce the possibility of Cancer with regular sex


Sex gives a feeling of satisfaction. It is also an expression of love, but apart from these two factors, sex is also a perfect way to a healthy life. A lot of studies and research have concluded that Sex helps to reduce cancer in men and women. We are aware that there are various health benefits of indulging in regular sex.

Cancer is one of the fastest growing diseases across the world. While the initial stages are controllable, the advanced stages still leave a question market. Researches who have given a lot of time to investigating how sex and cancer is related have concluded that indulging in regular sex activities helps in reducing the possibilities of developing breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men.

Sex and cancer in women

breast cancer

It might sound vague; however, researchers and scientists have put in a lot of time and dedication to come to this conclusion. As per the evidences found, they believe that in women, the release of DHEA and Oxytocin hormones helps to keep breast cancer at bay. Oxytocin helps to calm the nerves and it also counters stress hormones.

Another study also highlighted that since sex boosts the immune system, it also helps to produce the antibodies needed to fight various diseases. This is because these antibodies help to fight various viruses and bacteria, some of which might also be cancer causing.

Sex and cancer in men


When we talk about men, they can prevent cancer through sex. This is because at the time ejaculation whether through a natural intercourse or through masturbation, helps to reduce the possibilities of developing cancer. As per an Australian study, men who have an ejaculation of around 4.6-7 times in a week had a 36% chance of not developing prostate cancer.

The studies also concluded that men who have multiple sex partners are more at risk to develop cancer in comparison to those who had it only with their own partners. Although this statistics is yet to be confirmed, however, the studies did highlight this fact. Another point highlighted was the equation of regular masturbation, nocturnal emission and sexual intercourse all walk hand in hand to prevent cancer.

Although the actual Inter-relation of sex and cancer is still unknown, however the comprehensive studies do point out that couples who were sexually active were a lot healthy than those who are not as active as they should be.

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