Role of hormones in maintaining a woman’s libido

“Chemical messengers” or hormones control many of the vital physical activities and hormones rule the sex drive of both man and woman. Testosterone is the main male sex hormone and estrogen is the main female sexual hormone. Recent scientific studies show that women may lack libido due to hormonal imbalance. Research in this matter is still going on.


The sex drive of women takes a plunge downwards after a certain age. Men, however, do not suffer from such declination of libido. Couples often fall out because the male and female partners have different levels of libido. The researchers think that if they can shade more light in this matter then couples will probably try to handle sexual crisis in a more matured way.

When your sex drive decreases, you are less likely to want sex. The problem is that your partner may not be ready to take ‘no’ for an answer every night.

He may not be able to understand why suddenly you are acting cold on the bed and trying to stall the actions between the sheets. Partners should not fight over sex and try to understand each other’s sexual needs or else a relationship cannot workout.


Two intelligent and sensitive sex researchers from the University of Guelph, Ontario, Sarah Murray and Robin Milhausen, have conducted a scientific study to find out how and why women lose their sexual desires over time. The findings of these researchers are surprising. They asked sex based questions to 170 undergraduate women. This means the women were young.

According to the answer of women who have been in a heterosexual romantic relationship for past 2-7 months, the sex drive of the girls declined unlike their partners with time.

Sarah and Robin created Female Sexual Function Index. This index scores the sexual satisfaction and desire level of women. The researchers found that the sex drive of girls in a steady relationship decreases by 0.02 every month. The sex drive of men does not decrease in the same way over time. Scientists believe that testosterone is the hormone responsible for such differences. Women too have testosterone in their system but in a lower amount.

With time, the passion in a relationship goes down and women do not feel as excited about sex with their long-term partners as they do about a stranger.


A woman’s sex drive decreases over time in a committed heterosexual relationship. Hormones are partly responsible for this. Men should try to bring more excitement in the bedroom to keep their women enthralled.

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