Romance and love helps to build a strong relationship

love and romance

Relationships need work to make them successful. You have to consciously build your relationship to make it stronger. The first flush of love and romance makes it easier initially, and time is what tests your relationship. When romance is in the air, you ignore the things you don’t like about your partner, and work hard to impress the other person to stay interested in you. With the passage of time, you have to accept each other’s faults, to make your relationship last, and you might even experience boredom or a lack of connection or feel appreciated. If it is true love, you are supposed to be happy forever with your sweetheart, as all the lovey-dovey romantic movies suggest. This ‘happy forever’ is not reality, and you may experience ups and downs in your relationship.  So what exactly is love and what is romance – are they both equally important in a relationship? Let’s find out:

What is love

love and romance

Love is an intense feeling of deep affection, devotion and attachment. Many people have tried but to define love, but it’s said that love can only be experienced, and not defined. Anyhow, some of the characteristics of love are personal commitment, sacrifice and a strong attraction. Love is not confined to humans only, and it is extended to entities such as animals, ideas and things. Love can be non-romantic, romantic and unconditional.

What is romance or romantic love

romantic dinner

Romance is a feeling or emotion towards another person, and sometimes it can be just an attribute of that person that you like, such as good looks. Sometimes romantic love can transform into real love, and you can continue to be in a long term relationship. Sometimes, the attraction between the two fizzle out and you are left with no feeling or emotion. This is one of the characteristics of romantic love, which can happen to you many times. It’s also called having a ‘crush’ on someone. Romance includes making gestures to express romantic love, such as romantic dinners and so on.

How important is romance in relationships

couple romance

Romance is important to relationships, as it lets the other person feel special. Once two people are in a relationship for a long period of time, they may start taking the other person for granted. This is good thing in a way, that they become comfortable with each other, and do not require to make any grand gestures to prove their love. But this very comfort level may become a negative thing, as there won’t be any fun remaining in the relationship. Trust and love are fine, but the spark of romance keeps things interesting for both of you.

Doing small things that you know your partner likes, even just buying flowers or planning a surprise camping holiday for him, helps to keep the relationship from becoming stagnant.  Small gestures that convey thoughtfulness, love, adoration and affection keep the relationship alive.

When romance is a normal part of a couple’s life, it makes the relationship stronger and both partners make an effort to make the other person feel special.

What role does love play

love and romance


Love is a deeper bonding, that keeps two people together. It leads people to stay committed to one another, even though there may be trouble in the relationship. Love makes you do anything for love and you put your partner on top of the list of your priorities. It’s what makes people stay together for decades. Unlike romance which can happen often and frequently till you meet the right person, love is the emotion which suddenly makes things serious. You no longer feel interested in other people except your partner, and you realize that you’re in love. Love inspires loyalty and affection, and the wish to be with the same person for a long time, or to put it romantically, to live happily together ever after.

Romance and love are two sides of the same coin. Both are important to build a strong relationship. A relationship may start with romance which has the potential to build up to the stronger emotion of love. On the other hand, in a serious relationship, romance should never be discarded as it keeps the interest in each other alive.

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