Safest sex destinations around the globe

Safest sex destinations

If you are a sex hobbyist and you are planning a travel for sex then it is for your understanding and knowledge to be aware of the destinations that offer safest sex practices. Sex tourism adds another dimension to your travel experience. Sex tourism has lately become the way of life and is fast gaining a lot of popularity. Sex tourism has become a field that gains easy money and almost all places offer the luxury of sex attached to its tourism packages.

There is hardly a place that does not provide sex tourism, yet it is for you to choose from the variety that is available for the safety measures followed everywhere are quite different. People want to make their experience enhancing and that depends upon the safety measures like frequent HIV and STD examinations for workers of the sex industry.

Sex tourism has become a big thing and has gained momentum as far as its growth is concerned. This has led to creation of many places a sex traveler can choose. Here is the list of safest sex destinations around the world that will help choosing your ideal location for planning a travel.

Bangkok, Thailand

This place is always on the mind of a sex hobbyist for this place a long trusted history with sex tourism. Bangkok is one place where safest sex is practices and is most experienced of all.Many establishments employ “bargirls,” where girls work as bartenders or go-go dancers.

They are often scantily dressed, and are generally available to be taken off the premises for a specified “bar fee”, which you will pay to the bar. A fee negotiation happens separately with the girl later. These bargirls are safer in comparison to freelance sex practices for they are accountable to their particular establishments.


The sex tourism industry of Russia is mainly set up in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The year 1990 onwards Russian economy was on a low, which saw sex tourism become more established in the region. Russia has approximately 150,000 sex workers in these two cities alone. Most of the sex workforce comes from countries like Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, and Ukraine. Russia is one of the safest sex destinations.

Queensland, Australia

This is yet another safe sex destination. Private sex work and brothels are legal and government regulated in Queensland. There are currently 25 active brothels operating successfully in Queensland.

Victoria, Australia

This is another destination in Australia, and is famous for its safe sex tourism. 95 licensed brothels and over 2000 small-owned sex businesses are currently operative in Victoria.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Prostitution is legal in Amsterdam and is under legal registration. Amsterdam is the hub of all kinds of sex tourists. De Wallen is the largest red light district and is one of the safest sex destinations of the world. You can be a visitor to peep shows, sex theaters, and you can visit Erotic Museum. Homosexual workers are also available at hand here and there are almost 100 licensed brothels running in Amsterdam. This is one of the favorite destinations of the sex tourists for the safety measures are impeccable.

Manila, Philippines

Here the bargirl process like that of Bangkok is maintained and the girls generally wear a Bargirl ID in all visible places. This place indeed offers the safest sex tourism as regular tests performed on these bargirls verify for HIV and other STDs.


Canada offers friendly, light and safe sex tourism. Although the street solicitation and brothels are illegal, private arrangement for sex tourism is not against the law. Most sex work is done through private communications, including telephone and e-mail.


Safest sex destinations maintain norms on HIV and STDs to enhance your travel experience as a sex tourist. Safest sex destination will look to your safety standards as a priority.

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