Sex and Moral Police

There was redemption for south Indian actress Khushboo on Wednesday after five long years of battling 23 cases filed across Tamil Nadu against her remarks on prevalence of pre-marital sex in Indian cities. Putting an end to her harassment, the Supreme Court quashed all proceedings pending against her in trial courts, saying the complaints woefully lacked in evidence…

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India’s administration/law and order system suffers from lack of adequate number of courts , an apt machinery and dedicated lawyers who would keep the thought of profit aside, for speedy disposal of cases . When there are so many cases dealing with serious issues like murder and rape waiting in courts for years and years its utter stupidity to waste five years on such a case which should not be a case at all in the first place.
It’s not that she was promoting or encouraging premarital physical relationships, she was just telling women to use contraceptives during premarital sex to protect themselves from STD s. This was such a sensible and relevant remark in today’s times since pre-marital sex is no longer a no-no for women and many women indulge in it.
This once again shows that behind the so-called progress of the Indians we have somehow failed to move on or accept the change that modernity and progress are accompanied by.If in the 21st century people have to live in fear of self-proclaimed religious leaders who instead of enlightening us are making our life miserable.
It’s a democratic country only in the pages of the constitution, in reality it’s altogether a different story.In India sex always was a topic behind closed doors and even speaking of it is considered a criminal offence ,it’s this hypocrisy of the Indian people that irritates me. The way they shy away from talking about it potrays it as something vulgar as if they have never indulged in it and are all chaste saints though the real story might be quite different(look at our population charts for further proof).

Khushboo’s opinion on premarital sex for women led to the filing of 22 cases against her.I was so shocked by this I mean these religious parties have created their own guidelines for women living in our society as if already there isn’t enough rules to check our every move.
Is this some kind of a joke or what ,these religious groups make fun of our social order and rule the minds of the people in the name of God.It’s complete lawlessness in our country.Even the ruling political parties have no say in this matter because they are afraid to lose the support of the people or perhaps be marked unholy and blasphemist. Its shameful how Congress MP Naveen Jindal recently agreed with the khaps to endorse at Kaithal their demand for a ban on intra-gotra marriage, and former Haryana chief minister Om Prakash Chautala said that he would move a resolution in Haryana, seeking legislative sanction for the khap demands.This proves the power the khaps exert over the political leaders whom they have turned into their pawns and has started a movement demanding autonomity from law.It will be hell unleashed in the villages if these people are allowed officially to rise above the law something they have been doing since time immemorial taking advantage of the weak police influence in the villages.
If anybody fails to see eye to eye with them they express their scorn by filing cases against them.
If the moral police and the self-proclaimed protecters of our culture were genuinely interested in ensuring the presence of a healthy social system and enrichment of our culture they would have started protest movements again people who abuse sex ,use sex as a way to exploit women ,I don’t see anything like that happening or are they trying to imply that outraging the modesty of women is very acceptable in our culture???there is nothing unholy or impure about sex,its god own laid down way of strenghtening the bond between two individuals and the source of life itself.They should have started protest movements against people like Shiney Ahuja and not thinking women like khushboo who made a very relevent comment about our changing way of living.These moral police are nothing but female bashers who can’t tolerate women enjoying life at par with men or thinking for themselves and having their own say in matters of our social norms.

I think its high time Indian public unitedly ban these senas and urge the government instead to strengthen the law and order systems,build more courts with efficient lawyers for speedy solution of cases and healthy progress of a society.These people make our life miserable and do we truly need them?They are supposed to propagate peace and show us the right way but these religious and cultural issues are the main reason behind most of the clashes happening in our society.They are carrying on lawlessness in the name of protecting our culture.As khusboo had said its high time the moral police shuts up.

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