Sex and Relationship – Adding fun to your love life

Adding fun to your love life

Do you ever feel like your sex/love life is getting boring and you have no idea how to spice it up? If so, do not worry, you are not the only one. There are many couples out there who are wondering the same questions and battling the same problem. If you are alone and still looking for someone to have fun with and give all of your love to, check out DoULike – a website designed to help you find that special someone and spice up your sex life to be better than ever.

How to spice up your marriage or relationship? What are fun things to try in bed and how to find fun sex ideas to try out with your significant one? It is all very simple, continue reading.

1. Experiment When It Comes to Sex

Experiment When It Comes to SexMost couples out there are either very shy to experiment with certain things, or they are simply too afraid to make a step forward due to their lack of experience. If you are curious and you want to try things out, you should try them out. Experimenting means trying out new positions, new sex toys, and different sexual acts. Many couples out there claim their sex life has improved upon bringing in some great mood settings. Light up some candles, create a sex playlist or simply use that old perfume your partner loved to smell the first time you two had sex.

2. Talk About Sex, Share Your Desires

There are many things to do in a relationship to keep it fun and spicy, and all it takes is honesty and open talk about your desires and sexual fantasies. Talk to your partner about all of the fun sex ideas you have and find a new way to have fun in the bedroom in no time. Your partner wants to know your sexual fantasies, they turn them on and they wish to make it all real for you. If you have any desires that you never tried out before, open up and give it a try. Even if it does not go the way you wanted it to go, it will surely spice up your relationship and bring you two closer than you have ever been before. If you have any questions to ask before sex, do so as it can actually make your experience a lot better and less insecure, both of you will open up and discuss the things you never did before.

3. Work on the Anticipation

Anticipation is extremely important for couples who have been together for a long time. If you want to build the anticipation and have a fiery sex after a long day of hard work at the office – do it! Think about your partner the entire day, look forward to the sex once you get home and as soon as you get home, you will feel a warm wave of heat going through your body upon seeing them and feeling them close to you.

4. Increase the Frequency of Your Sex Life

Did you know that sex is like a drug? The more you have sex, the more you want to have sex. Increase the frequency of your sexual acts and have sex with your partner whenever you have a chance to. Doing this, the libido will increase and you will have your hormones going crazy wanting more. The more you do this, the more you two will open up to each other, share your desires and understand your partner intimately better than ever. Pay attention to all of the things that make your partner go crazy for you, use your knowledge to make them even crazier!

5. Role-play, Sexting, and Sex Toys

sextingCouples nowadays are all about sexting, so you should certainly give it a try. Next time you are wondering about what is for dinner, tell to your partner what you would like to do to them, be specific, write all of the details down and send them the text. They will surely love it and wait for you patiently to get home to allow you to do all of that you have written.

Role-play is also a fun way to spice things up in the bedroom or anywhere else. For example, try out acting like complete strangers and have a one-night stand. Go out in a restaurant or a night club, act as if you just met each other and get things going right away! While this might actually sound like a joke, it has proven to be working for many couples out there. You can be anything or anyone you want to be when roleplaying with your partner, let your imagination do the magic!

How to make regular sex more fun

make regular sex

Once in a while you can make elaborate settings and have spicy blindfold sex, but it is not possible to make such arrangements every day. Regular sex can become boring after a certain period of time.

Couples also complain that same sex poses every day does not excite them after a stretch of time. If boredom sets in then saving your relationship can become more difficult. Many times partners start looking for sexual enjoyment out of their relationship. A good way to make things turn around is learning how you can spice up daily sex. Expert partners along with Dr Prem Jagyasi suggests some useful tips to follow.

Find your partner’s trigger zones


There are several erogenous zones in your and your partner’s body. The most sensitive erogenous zones may vary from one person to another. You should find out all the erogenous zones in your partner’s body and utilize this knowledge during foreplay. These trigger zones can arouse your partner beyond measure and make sex more interesting.

If you don’t want to change the sexual poses you are most comfortable in then change your foreplay technique. Feather, leather, food and aromatic candles can spice up your bedroom life and add more spontaneity.

Choose a good lubricant


Different couples have different comfort levels and needs. They should choose lubricants accordingly. Water based lubricants and silicone based lubricants are easy to clean and does not create a mess.

Silicone lubricants are lightweight and they will enhance your sexual experience. You can use oil based lubricants too but for anal sex. Oil based lubricants are thicker and they make anal penetration less painful. Organic lubricants are safer to use as there will be almost no etching or other side effects.

Take control


Women should take control every once in a while and get on top of their men. When a woman is on top she gets to take control of the pace and may prolong the period of intercourse. It also helps them in finding their G-spot and enjoying sex more at their ease. The guys get to behold their lovers in all their glory and also rest their backs.

Go Oral


If your man is too tired or you are not feeling like a full session then try oral sex. Oral sex is pleasurable yet does not require too much physical effort. Always remember it is the connection and bonding that matters more than reaching the climax. 

Regular sex can be spiced up with a little effort. Try to enhance your foreplay skills and go for role reversal. Wear sexy lingerie to bed and offer oral stimulation to your partner for a change.

When it comes to sex toys, we all have something that we like a lot but we barely ever mention it or talk about it at all. Try visiting a sex shop with your partner and look for sex toys that will help you spice up the things in your relationship. Shopping for sex toys is not only fun, but it also brings couples together making them feel more open about sex and their fantasies overall.

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