Sex is the only real meaning of intimacy – What do you think?

real meaning of intimacy

Do you really think that sex paves the path for an intimate relation? Or, they are two different things? There are many conflicting views on this controversial topic like the real meaning of intimacy is sex. It is quite difficult to delve deep to resolve the problem as human minds are not alike, so their views on sex are also different. Millennials have a different interpretation for intimacy and sex. Often these two terms are used interchangeably.

real meaning of intimacy

The millennials prefer casual relation and get intimate that leads to sex. Next morning he/she may not find the respective partner that attractive. Dr. Henry Brandt has termed this type of Syndrome as the morning-after syndrome. In this promiscuous society, term sex has been redefined as two self-centered individuals seeking self-satisfaction. 

A one-night stand is quite common among the youth of generation Y. They get physically involved with their partners without having an intimate relation. Their physical intimacy does not come from love and emotional bonding.

Love, emotion, and connection have not vanished yet as there are people, who still believe that intimacy is not just sex but also something beyond it. They cultivate their relation by spending quality time together, sharing their interests, and listening to each other. They have found the real meaning of intimacy by showing unconditional love for each other.    

Difference between sex and intimacy

real meaning of intimacy

 You cannot deny the fact that lovemaking builds an intimate relation while sex is just a passing thing. As John Donne says in his poem The Good Morrow, “If our two loves be one, or, thou and I / Love so alike, that none do slacken, none can die.”  Intimacy binds the two souls into one and leads to building a strong relation.

Therefore, intimacy is not just sex it is an emotional state. It is all about knowing your partner physically and emotionally. The relationships that are intimate and not just based on sex have a strong emotional connection and their relation does not fade away with time.

 In this fast-paced modern age, people have different ideologies related to sex and intimacy. Some people believe that sex is about quenching physical thirst without emotional entanglement. Whereas, people have strong relationships that are intimate and not just based on sex. They believe that intimacy is a connection of two souls to attain eternal bliss. These two terms, sex and intimacy cannot be used interchangeably as they have a distinct essence and meaning of their own. 

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