Having more sex leads to a healthier sex life

Scientific studies prove that having more sex is the only way of enjoying a healthier sex life. Sexual health can be compared to our physical health. People who exercise regularly are fit and healthy. Likewise, people who indulge in regular sexual activity can lead a healthy sex life. Aging males often complain of losing their sex drive and sexual stamina.


Scientists have found if men have more sex regularly then their sex drive will not droop all of a sudden. Even when a man reaches seventy years of age, he is still sterile and capable of reproducing. The female body goes through lots of changes and cannot reproduce after a certain age. Women too can enjoy sex till a very late age. Your age or other circumstances should not prevent you from having a normal sex life.

A group of researchers observed the sex life of around thousand Finnish men for a long time to understand the link between sexual frequency and erectile dysfunction. Men who have crossed the age of fifty often complain of ED or erectile dysfunction. They are unable to hold their erection for a long period and cannot derive pleasure from sexual intercourse with their partners.


The scientific study conducted on the Finnish people has helped the researchers reach the conclusion that the only solution to stay sexually fit is to have more sex. The men who have sex regularly are less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. Lack of sex leads to dissatisfaction and creates mental hurdles on the way to having a good sex life.

Men who do not have sex at least once a week lose their sexual confidence and start losing their sex drive. Sex depends a lot on mental stimulation. If you fall out of habit then you will naturally divert your thoughts from sex. This can lead to depression and other psychological issues.

Single male and females should never stop dating for a long period. The more you suppress your natural desires the worse your sexual health will get. If you think your sex drive has decreased, then talk to a doctor and find out what is the root cause behind the problem. Addressing your sexual health problems can save you a lot of trouble.


Sexual health depends a lot on the frequency of intercourse. The more sex you have the better your sex life will get.

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