Why he wants to have sex in the morning

By studying your man’s sexual behaviour, you will be able to read his thoughts better and understand him more. Most men love to indulge in morning sex with their partner, before leaving the bed. Sometimes you are in the mood too and oblige happily but at times, you feel irked by his crazy persuasion.

Studies suggest that many men feel too tired to have sex at night owing to the daily office work and hectic schedules. A recent study showed that around 75 percent of the man wake up aroused in the morning.

morning sexOne thing that all women need to know is that men feel charged up in the morning after a long night of repose. They feel in the mood and want to have a steamy session right away. Morning sex can be good for couples because most of the times they feel very tired at bedtime after long hours of work. You can indulge in morning sex whenever the mood permits because after all you too need some romp between the sheets.

You can use plenty of ways for making morning sex more enjoyable. First, you need to find out the exact reason why your man is so crazy about it. The hormone named testosterone mostly dominates the male sexual behaviour. Testosterone is the main sex hormone in a man’s body and dominates his sexual responses.

Researchers and scientists have found that when the level of testosterone increases with it the urge to have sex or the libido also increases. After sleeping for hours in the morning your man’s testosterone levels surge to a great high. This is the reason why men feel so horny in the morning. Some couples indulge in sex even before the sunrises or the dawn breaks. Your man’s biological clock and his testosterone levels dictate the sexual urge.

If you do not feel fresh and rested early in the morning, please do not blame yourself. You can slip into the bathroom and freshen up a bit before letting your man show you stars in the morning. Communicate your needs with your partner and come to an agreement. Go to bed wearing sexy lingerie and clean up your face before sleeping. Being hygienic will keep you ready for sex anytime of the day. Try the T position for great morning sex. For this, ask your man to lie on his side and you should face the ceiling. Put your leg up his bum and make him enter you like this. More hits on the G-spot and better sex are on the cards if you try this position.

The morning time is considered a great time to have steaming hot sex session. It can be extremely relaxing and exciting. It offers a great start to the day. The testosterone level of your man rises in the morning and he naturally feels hornier during this part of the day.Here are some different positions you could try in the morning.

Sex Positions for Hot Mornings

Sex Positions for Hot MorningsIt is time to play some tug of war with each other. Sit on the bed with both of you facing towards each other and let his penis enter your slowly. Now, lean backwards by holding each other’s hand and pulling each other like tug of war game.

Let your man sit on the floor with his legs stretched completely, now sit over him and feel like you are landing a plane on the runway. Keep your knees bent and sit on him so that the penis enters from the back. Rotate yourself around his penis for a better feeling.

You have to lie down on one of your side and make your man enter you from behind and now you can lift your top leg so that deeper penetration is possible. This position helps in more rubbing at the G-spot. This is a half-doggy style position and half spooning.

Lie on the floor, use the pillows to raise your butt and keep your knees half bent and your legs widely spread. Use your hand to hold your sex partner and ask your sex partner to enter you at a higher angle with the help of pillow than the normal angle. Let him put his hands rest on the floor near your head to make balance.

Lie with your back on the bed with your hands raised above. Now let your man enter you in a missionary style position and get deep into you. Once he enters, bring your legs close so that his penis rubs your thighs. This will give you immense pleasure for sure.

Another way to enjoy sex is missionary position, which allows the penis to enter deeper and deeper. Your partner may thrust back and forth to give immense pleasure and rub his penis base to your clitoris to make you crazy.

Let your man lie behind you on the bed in same direction as you are. He can touch your breasts with his hand and you can guide his penis into your vagina. This position is quite simple to practice and at the same time, lets you have your best orgasm.

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