Sex in summers

Summer is the time when you feel like heading straight to the beach and hit on the beach hotties. There is nothing wrong in it. Scientists have found that summer is the time when our lust becomes stronger and we look for mates all around us. Psychologists say that heat can help in relaxing our muscles and increases the sensitivity of our skin. Summer also puts us in a relaxed and playful mood so we enjoy sex better.

getting wetThousands of beach lovers would vouch that summer sex is the best sex. It is wild and rejuvenating like fresh lime soda. There are some pro ways of enjoying sex more during summer. You should not limit your sexual activities or follow traditions too closely. Try new postures and indulge in sexual adventurous some more. Summer months fly away very fast. Make the most of the time you have.

This summer show him your playful side by getting wet before both of you get wild. It’s fun to wear wet clothes in summer. Wet clothes keep you cool and cling to your shapely body. Wear a white vest or tank top and spray water on yourself by mistake. The lawn sprayer or the faulty bathroom shower is good excuses.

Your guy will definitely go gaga when he sees you roaming around the apartment or house in itsy bitsy wet clothes. It is the perfect cue for him to start a romp. By taking this wet initiative, you can make your relationship more fun. Sweating is sexy and many scientists have evidence to prove this. With your body sweat, pheromones are also released which does wonders in attracting the opposite sex.

start massaging your partner’s bodyTurn off the AC and turn on the heat inside your bedroom during your next romp. Get naked and start massaging your partner’s body with your own. Rub your breasts on his chest and then slid down his torso while the perky nipples poke and excite him. Body rubbing can heighten the pleasure of sex.

Use some ice cubes for chilling your lips and mouth and then kiss him deeply. You can also use a minty lube. Mint leaves are also good for summer sex. Bite one or two mint leaves before giving him a blowjob. The cool sensation of the crushed mint leaves will take summer oral sex to new levels.

Craving for a steaming hot sex session in the summer season is otherwise for many couples.  Although it is great to make love when the weather is a little cold, you can always spice up your sex life by trying various positions during the hot weather. Here are a few positions to enjoy sex at its best during hot weather

It’s not a problem if you don’t have a pool at your home. Just fill the bathtub with cool water and allow your partner to enter from behind. To have most pleasure, hold the bathtub for making balance. You can also hold the faucet from the front and shower between your legs.

woman-on-top-positionYou can set up a fan on top of your bed, so that it aims directly at you and your partner. Now try the woman on top position to experience greatest pleasure during sex.

Another way to enjoy sex is missionary position, this will allow the penis to enter deeper and deeper. Your partner may thrust back and forth to give immense pleasure and rub his penis base to your clitoris to make you feel like you are in heaven.

It is time to lie in the bathtub again filled with cool water. Lie on one of your side with your top leg in upward position. Let your man enter and feel the deepest penetration, once he has entered you may rest your leg on his shoulder.

You can try this position in a pool; use an inflated raft to lie on it with your stomach. Let your man enter you from behind and give the most thrust he can give to you.

This move is suitable for hot weather season as there is very little contact with each other’s body. The man kneels down behind your butt, he can push one of his knees between your legs and push from behind.

Take a big back chair and use a pillow to make your man rest his back on it. Now sit in his lap and rest your hands on his knees to maintain balance.

make-the-sexiest-movesMake your man lay down on bed with his hands up his body. Now sit on top of him with your legs stretched towards his face. Now ride his penis around you like a joystick.

This is another way to keep yourself cool, calm and naughty during sex. Stand with your back in front of your man, and then slowly bend down with your palms touching the ground and let your man push you from behind.

Use AC inside your bedroom to stay away from heat. Lie on the bed in a way that your breasts and belly touch the mattress while the legs remain outside the bed. Let your man stand behind on the floor and give you the ride of a lifetime by holding and spreading your legs apart.

Summer sex is flirty, fun and rejuvenating. To enjoy it fully you should be more playful and find out new ways to enjoy sex with your mate.

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