Sex quickies you can easily pull off anytime

It is not necessary that you need the entire night to have some great sex. There are other ways where couples can be intimate with each other even if there is not much time on hand. Quickies are hot and insanely the best ways that couples can share intimate moments. They are convenient and can still give you the same pleasure that you would have with the slow sex ways. Couples who love to share such moments will surely benefit from these variants to pull off a quickie whenever they want.

Sexting can easily do the trick


Sexting between couples is very common today. This is a perfect way to get a head start when you want to get your partner all charged up even before you are home. Sexting gives you a way to express what you have in mind and prepares your partner for you.

 Change the location for a quickie

It seems very random and rushed when you do a quickie in the bedroom, instead you can make it interesting by changing the location. Giving your partner a surprise in the hallway or kitchen can add some spark in your sex life. It is also a perfect way to express how important your partner is to you in every way.

A shower together is always fun

A shower together

Having a shower together is a good way to add some fun into your sex life. It is also a good way to indulge into a quickie just before you head out for the day. This one traditional approach can never go wrong.

Turn a boring party into an intimate one

There are times when we go for a party that may not be that much fun. Well couples can use this time to create a little spark between themselves. A couple can tease each other in the most sensual manner that can get them all charged up even before they reach home. If the party is at a person’s house, you can easily pull of a quickie without anybody noticing it.

Break the regular television routine        

                                                 quick moment of intimacy

Another perfect way to bring in a quick moment of intimacy is surprising your partner when he or she is sitting and watching TV. You would need to be a little smart when breaking the routine; so that you do not end up making a wrong move and upsetting your partner in any way. Take it very slow, so that your partner will also show the same interest of sharing an intimate moment with you.

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